Why Trakblaze portable scales are keeping our truck drivers safe, especially during time of increased demand for transport and logistics.

The world has been subject to pandemic related social, economic and trade constraints for about six months now and the changes to even basic economic norms, for example how we shop, how we travel and what we do with our spare time, have been comprehensively upended. 

Some of the biggest impacts have been in relation to trade and the movement of goods, as well as retail purchasing behaviour. Global trade has experienced significant impacts, with reductions in sea freight particularly. However, domestic freight and, in particular, road haulage has had to respond to these changes. Specifically, the dramatic increase in e-commerce has seen a drastic increase in online purchasing with a commensurate increase in the logistics and freight haulage task to deal with the boom.

Prior to the pandemic, road freight haulage was already increasing in proportion to rail haulage, particularly outside the mining sector. And restrictions on air travel, as well as relative cost for transport of retail and other smaller non-perishable goods, means that road transport has taken on greater importance as the reality of the pandemic driven restrictions has kicked in.

It is also important to consider the way in which the nature of this road freight task is changing. Increased online purchase of FMC goods dramatically increases the quantum of logistics transition points between pick up and delivery. This means that keeping on top of load information, such as truck grass and net tares is increasingly important, particularly where any individual truck shift could involve multiple pick-ups and deliveries at multiple destination points.

In this context, it may not be enough to rely on weighing systems at a variety of logistics points, given the serious compliance and safety issues associated with overloading or poor weight distribution – there is no guarantee that each facility has kept it’s weighing systems calibrated and in good order.

In this situation, portable truck scales can provide haulage companies and individual drivers with a much greater degree of comfort and control with respect to managing load weight and distribution, and ensuring a greater likelihood of compliance and safety on the road.

Portable truck scales, like Trakblaze’s TRUCKMATE scales, are a convenient, compact, easy to use and accurate solution for haulage companies that are looking to take control of load configuration and actively manage the safety of their drivers and other road users. Offering a large weighing surface which incorporates twenty independent loadcells under the top plate, as well as a low (18mm profile), the TRUCKMATE portable scales are readily integrated with a PC for rapid access to critical information. Their compact size means they are easy to manage, so that they can be used practically anywhere and can be set up easily by the driver.

Tested and developed in conjunction with VicRoads Transport Safety Services, the TRUCKMATE portable scales are delivering tomorrow’s weighing technology today. If you think that portable truck scales might be part of your compliance management solution, call Trakblaze today and talk with one of our industry specialists.


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