Why to learn English?

Why to learn English?

Most of the times in our lives we hear from people that English is most important to learn as it is a language that is used globally and have become an international language ,but there must be a reason behind that we should accept these quoted words and why we should learn it if we can’t frequently speak and understand this language frequently. 

Here are some reasons that we must believe that it is an international language.

  1. Commonly used:

When assuming and thinking  it as an important language, perhaps it is the largest  element that must be considered  as out of five there is  only one person who can easily understand  and speak English with better fluency. Thus, we must have to learn it because even when people from different countries are meeting, they prefer speaking English. 

  1.  Social interactions Enhancer:

In the whole world, English is considered to be of primary importance in the field of business. It’s learning how to have a good talk with customers, clients, and summon the students relative to this field. Because possessing this skill directly enhances the rate of getting a job at a good or international institute.

  1. Not really difficult:

If we talk about complex English including vocabulary words and their pronunciation then it can be a little bit difficult but not that much. English grammar is easier to learn and understand in comparison to others. 

Why English vocabulary is important?

Without an adequate comprehension of words students can’t get others ideas or express their own thoughts. 

Jargon is significant over the educational program from language expressions and social investigations to arithmetic and science. It is personally associated with both compelling perusing and composing aptitudes, and these abilities thus are fundamental for doing great in school. 

Researchers have demonstrated that much of the time students need to see, pursue, and communicate with words 5-7 times before they are confessed to long haul memory consists of long English words. Words are learned effortlessly if your youngster is dynamic – drawing an image of the word, keeping in touch with her own meaning of it, and thinking about a model sentence to utilize it in. This is superior to just composing the word again and again

Let’s see why vocabulary learning is important for us and our child.

There is a direct relationship of vocabulary with explanation given by a child. If a child has more vocabulary, he/she can interpret his/her ideas and emotions. He/she can describe any matter in a better way than a child who has poor vocabulary. Vocabulary has no relationship with interpretation or explanation rather it also has relation with the understanding of emotions or explanations given by the others. We can say that a child with high vocabulary has more power to interpret, explain and describe any matter or situation and also understands more quickly. 

In short, a child with high vocabulary has greater ability to communicate more efficiently, more quickly, and more effectively than the other children who are facing poor vocabulary issues. By improving their vocabulary, they also can communicate properly. Communication is the base of learning English. Due to high vocabulary, a child can put a good impression on others. High vocabulary also shows the intellectual level of a child who possesses..

What long words have importance in vocabulary learning?

Any instructor would let you know, it is useful for your advancement to challenge yourself by growing your jargon with elevated level words – including long words that may appear to be threatening from the start. The longest words in the word reference are:

antidisestablishmentarianism – resistance to the dis-maintenance of the Church of England – 28 letters

floccinaucinihilipilification – the assessment of something as useless – 29 letters

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis – an estimated lung disease – 45 letters

You’re probably not going to go over these words in authentic use: they’re commonly just given as answers to inquiries concerning the longest words in the English language. As far as sheer size, in any case, the longest word to be found in Britain is the Welsh spot name 

People at times ask whether a DNA string can be considered as the longest English word, given that they can rush to a large number of letters. The appropriate response is no: they’re viewed as substance names as opposed to certified words in the feeling of important things of jargon. The equivalent is valid for the proper names of substance mixes. 

These can be practically boundless long (for example, aminoheptafluorocyclotetraphosphonitrile, (40 letters) what’s more, many contain numerals, Roman and Greek letters, and different images, just as customary letters. 

Spellquiz is a tool that offer huge amount of words relative to age group studying in any grade from 1 to 12. Their grading system is amazing and I would like to recommend you Spellquiz for learning new words. 


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