Why should I learn music?


The question seems sort of odd but it can help us to introspect and understand the value of music. Music isn’t the songs that we listen to, it is an art which can be expressed in so many different and innovative ways. We can’t really come down to one single definition of music since it means different things to different people. For some it is a way to vent out emotions while some use it to express themselves.  

Music stimulates the secretion of happy hormones in our brains. These happy hormones elevate our mood and state of mind. Our everyday life is full of hassles which lead us to become stressed. Learning music can help use to overcome these stresses. Going to a music lesson everyday can be your safe space where you can unload all your tensions. This might seem unusual to those who aren’t interested in music, but if you are also tired of your daily life stresses then you should definitely give this exercise a shot. Another major benefit of learning music is that it can help you to overcome certain mental issues and concerns. At some point we have all felt anxious and depressed. It is difficult to express such feelings and these feelings makes us very uncomfortable. Music can be your way out of it. You can use music to express your emotions and how you feel. 

Creating music in itself is therapeutic. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and encourages you to create more music. It also boosts your confidence since it makes you feel that you have achieved something. Music can be created on your terms and exactly how you want to make it, nobody else has control over your music and muse. Having this control on your art can help you become more decisive and cautious about those decisions as well. This sense of autonomy gives you a chance to tackle power and helps you become more aware about your own personality.Your inspirations and insights help you to take a peek in your own self. I think it is safe to say that music can help us to become the best version of ourselves.

These were some not so obvious benefits of learning music. It ensures overall growth in your personality and helps you to know yourself a little better.Music is a great exercise for both children and adults. In some cultures, children are sent to music lessons at a very early age. This gives them more time to explore the field. However, if you are an adult and want to learn music then don’t hold yourself back and join the nearest music lessons today!