Which Is The Best Hosting Service Provider For Small Business Websites?

Are you searching for web hosting services? if yes, then you need to know that there are a lot of choices in the market. these companies including BlueHost and HostGator are offering great services for your online businesses and sites.

But you need to choose the right one based on the site’s need and requirements. moreover, all the hosting companies are offering great services without any restriction of the site’s size and scale.

However, for a real and professional online business, there is a need to choose a right and credible web hosting option. So, one can get real and professional services.

How To Choose A Host For Small Scale Business?

The selection process of a host for a small-scale site is the same as for large scale site. Moreover, for a small-scale business, it’s important to choose the right host. So, you can grow and expand your business successfully.

Because a hosting server has a direct impact on the speed and performance of the site. Moreover, your hosting provider should be reliable otherwise, the audience will prefer to choose another site or business.

No matter, what’s the type of size of the business, site’s owners should not compromise on the quality of services even on lower rates. Because of the success of your business, you need to provide reliable services to the customers.

Moreover, focus on the following points to choose the host for small scale site:

  • Budget
  • Your level of expertise
  • Numbers of audience and traffic for your site

Best Web Hosting Providers For Small Businesses:


It is one of the top hosting providers for small businesses and sites. BlueHost offers great hosting services for small businesses as well as a top hosting provider for WordPress sites.

Moreover, with a great support system and efficient services, BlueHost is an economical option for all the small-scale sites and businesses. Besides this, BlueHost offers easy to handle platform for all the beginners.

  • Pricing plans start from $2.75 per month
  • Offers shared, dedicated, VPS, cloud and reseller hosting services
  • 98% reliable uptime
  • Provides unlimited storage space with 2GB- 16GB RAM
  • BlueHost offers 1TB to 15TB bandwidth

InMotion Hosting:

Best for shared hosting services: InMotion hosting offers great and reliable shared and VPS hosting plans. However, the shared hosting services rates are higher as compared to BlueHost.

But InMotion offers great security and support features along with shared hosting plans. Furthermore, it provides great storage space for basic plans as well as a website builder.

So, the beginners can build their sites and launch business easily. The pricing plans of InMotion hosting start from $6.39 per month. Moreover, this host offers hosting services for shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller and cloud applications and sites.


  • Professional and technical support system
  • Offers free SSL and unlimited disk space


  • Doesn’t offer support for windows server


Although HostGator doesn’t offer the cheapest hosting services but comes with great uptime and excellent support system. Moreover, HostGator is offering hosting services for more than 8 million sites.

The best thing is, HostGator offers reliable 99.9% uptime. Therefore, it is one of the most popular hosting providers for small businesses. However, it does not provide a free domain.

HostGator basic hatchling plan starts from $2.75 per month. So, prices are similar to BlueHost. However, it comes with unlimited email accounts.


  • Offers quality features
  • Excellent and reliable uptime


  • Complex interface
  • Doesn’t offer free domain
  • Slow loading speed

What is a suitable option for web hosting payments?

Generally, monthly plans and payment’s method are reliable and easier as compared to annual payments. Because through monthly payments, you can get more focused and reliable services from the hosting company as compared to annual plans.

Therefore, it’s better to choose the monthly hosting plans even for small businesses.


Conclusively, if you are running a small-scale site or business then it’s better to choose a shared hosting plan or server. Because at the start of your business, you don’t need to invest higher.

But after growth or expansion of your business, you can upgrade the hosting plans as well.


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