What Types Of Physiotherapy In Edmonton Are Best For Seniors?

Everyone wants their injuries and pain to go away without confronting the procedure of surgery. Especially the elders or senior citizens want to have minimal mental stress and full benefits. The Physiotherapy is one such treatment method which aims to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Why do Doctors recommend Physiotherapy In Edmonton?

As the body structure of the seniors become weak and fragile; the doctors feel hesitant to perform surgery. So they recommend a safer way of solving health issues; and that is Physiotherapy Edmonton. The reasons for its recommendations are mentioned below.

Preventing From Falling

The leading reason for old people to fall is that their muscles are not moveable and reflexes are weak. When the muscles are strong then it is very less likely for them to fall. Also a therapist will help you recover if you have suffered a fall.

Injuries Happen Less Likely

There are many exercise and therapies that can help the seniors to maintain their balance. One of the major cause of falling is the loss of balance. When they will learn techniques to improve their body equilibrium then they will not fall and injuries not happen.

Reduction In Chronic Pain

Pain is another big problem that seniors face in old age. When you visit pain clinic Edmonton you will find that the chronic pain that you had for a very long time is gone is just a few days.

Lower The Need Of Medications

Many of you must be taking medications for your severe pain and others might be thinking of surgery. But experts at pain relief centers like Regenerate Physio will help you to reduce the pain through non-surgical and non-medicinal techniques.

Continue A Healthier Lifestyle

Old people are more likely to be dependent on others for various jobs that are even the easiest ones. The physical therapies will enable them to become independent so that they can do their tasks themselves. 

Types Of Physiotherapy Best For Seniors

There are many techniques of therapy that are available; but the main point to consider here is which type will suit the best for them. Many doctors think that physical therapy a boon for seniors and suggest the following types.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

The initial focus of this therapy is to enhance the functioning of the muscles, joints, bones, ligaments and tendons. All of the problems connected with these functions can be improved with special exercises designed for the seniors.

Neurological Physical Therapy

This is a little complicated therapy procedure because the main aim of the therapist is to handle conditions that are related to the brain and nervous system. People with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and ALS are recommended this treatment.

Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy

The ratio of elders suffering from different conditions associated with the heart and lungs is very high. They are unable to continue their routine work; but this physical therapy enables them to boost their endurance and recover fast.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

This is a special kind of therapy which is exclusively for people who are suffering from age factor. The Physiotherapy Edmonton focuses on issues like arthritis, cancer, balance disorders, osteoporosis and joint replacement.


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