Unmasking Real Founder Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a popular name in the field of cryptocurrency. This top digital currency is credited with Bitcoin millionaire stories, where it changed the fortune of the people who became richer. Now it has been decades since the launch of Bitcoin on 3rd January 2009. The birth of Bitcoin as digital currency created a wave of curiosity among people from all over the world. Fiat currencies who had been stapled monetary use by the people till now experienced new financial opponent in the form of Bitcoin. But amid all popularity, there is a mystery over its real founder. We all have been familiar with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, but there are different views regarding the original Bitcoin founder. So amid all this confusion, we are going to unmask the real founder of Bitcoin, today in this blog.

Even though Satoshi Nakamoto is a popular name in the cryptocurrency, for being the claimed real founder of Bitcoin. But the identity of this founder falls under a pseudonymous image, as there are doubts about being the actual founder. Ever since April 2011, two years after the existence of Bitcoin, there have been no follow-ups to have taken place. This was the only year of his last communication. For a Bitcoin eco-system, Satoshi makes a special place beyond the frame of his founder’s image. This philosophical figure is known to have prompted the future of Bitcoin’s development among its crypto proponents.

A lot of efforts had been done so far to disclose the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, but it ended in being trickier. Many individuals have been proposed so far for being the actual Satoshi Nakamoto, but nothing proved so far. However, 3 names claim to be the real founder of Bitcoin.

Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo is the name that claims to be the real founder of Bitcoin. This person is an experienced legal scholar and an experienced engineer in computer. The concept of smart contracts was pioneered by Nick in a 1996 paper. Besides this, Bit Gold, a decentralized currency and predecessor to Bitcoin was conceptualized by him. According to a book named Bitcoin: The Future of Money authored by Dominic Frisby has claimed Nick to be the actual Satoshi Nakamoto on the grounds of writing styles that appeared similar. Frisby also opined about Szabo’s working experience in DigiCash. This was the initial initiative in introducing cryptography to virtual payments. So for him, Nick Szabo is the actual Bitcoin founder.

Dorian Nakamoto

Now as per the surname, you will certainly think this person as the real founder of Bitcoin. One can term it as a bigger attempt in unmasking the Bitcoin founder. In March 2014, a very well-known media organization recognized the creator of the currency. It caused much uproar in the cryptocurrency and other larger tech communities. This is all because of the first time an attempt has been made by an established publication in knowing about the real creator of Bitcoin.

This established news platform noticed similarities in terms of Japanese connections and libertarian approach between Dorian Nakamoto and Satoshi Nakamoto. An article even stated no connection between Bitcoin and Nakamoto, and the person has passed it to other people. However, Dorian has falsified the said quote and expressed his inability to understand the matter.

The magazine created a major blunder with a published picture of the home that belongs to Nakamoto. It was not a big uphill task for the cursory image search in tracking his whereabouts. Where many didn’t approve Dorian to be the real founder of Bitcoin, it seems to be shocking for the crypto community on the violation of privacy. But the media did not find this enough profitable regarding Dorian Nakamoto. Around 100 bitcoins were being raised on his behalf through an online campaign. The motive of this funding campaign was to express ‘’thank you’’.

Then in April 2014, Dorian along with fundraiser, Andreas Antonopoulos thanked the Bitcoin community for the given support by making their presence on YouTube.

Craig Wright

Amid suspense behind who is the real founder of Bitcoin, now you need to know about Craig Wright. Many individuals suspected the denied claim and silence by Satoshi Nakamoto, but it did not seem the same with Australian scientist, Craig Wright. According to a profile written on Wright in a magazine, it claimed about biggest evidence regarding the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. This penned article was reported on skype with the active participation of Craig at a conference in Las Vegas, especially for Bitcoin investors. When a question was being put upon its credentials, he smartly revealed his master’s degree achievement in statistics along with doctorates. Craig cleared about his presence all the time, yet he preferred to keep quiet.

However, Craig Wright could not escape himself from facing criticism. And it is the evidence, when Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum termed him to be a fraud, publicly. But he was not perturbed at all by all the criticism. Rather, he diverted the media attention to something prominent in the crypto community. Wright is credited with leading controversial fork of Bitcoin Cash with the formation of Bitcoin SV.


Now the matter of unmasking real founder of Bitcoin has turned out very complex after 3 people claiming to be the actual founder of the latter crypto coin. Well, taking all note of the above-mentioned facts, it becomes very difficult in coming out with a decision about who is the actual creator of Bitcoin. Well, the debate of mysterious Bitcoin founder might continue to exist, but so far people have been familiar with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, ever since Bitcoin made its debut on 3rd January 2009. Amid all these confusion, Bitcoin remains the big emphasis. The only cryptocurrency who pave the bitcoin millionaire list which also included millionaire from India.


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