Trading the Forex market while being dependent

Trading in Forex is simple as long as you are using a self-developed formula. Most investors fail as they prefer to simply use a copied formula. In this article, we are going to explain why this idea is never going to be successful. 

Many people have tried this technique but they all failed. It is a wonder considering the market can understand these tricks. Read this post and you will learn why this method will never work. Besides, it also erodes the confidence that a person has and makes him unable to stand up for his decision. If you are a beginner, this post should help to make you a successful investor. 

Don’t ever think simply copying a formula will work in finance. This is not a social science discipline where the students can get away with copying the work of other researchers. Forex is an evolving market. Each day the sector is changing and professionals spend a lot of time analyzing the chart. Don’t be impressed by the simple analysis. 

Before they explain the charts, they have to go through a lot of developments. The product which is distributed on their websites is the watered-down version of complex analysis. Most readers cannot understand hence they produce a simple analysis. The more you read this post, the more you will realize why this idea will never work out in Forex.

The cost of the copy service is not worth it

First of all, nothing is free in finance. Just because someone is helping does not mean they are doing it for free. Trading is not a charity. Every action must have a hidden motive. This is the reason why professionals have been advised to subscribe to their premium courses. Even if only a fraction of the visitors does that, they will get wealthy.

Secondly, only the paid signals are worth copying. As you will be in a community, many people will discuss ideas and share tricks but eventually, people listen to the experts. Many websites have been developed where custom signals can be found for a limited amount of money. There is a monthly renewal fee but all this only adds up to the obstacle of becoming a successful investor. If you intend to take professional service, make sure you visit and learn more about the associated cost of trading. This should give you a decent idea regarding your profit potential while using the signal service.

If a trader has to spend 50 dollars per month on signals, he needs to make 50 dollars in profit just to break even. Only an investor knows how difficult it is to make money in Forex. To get this amount, many customers depend on leverage which increases the chance of failure. With one mistake, they lose all the money they have made so far in the market. This pressure will never make them discover their potential. They will always believe they can never become self-dependent in finance.

The demo accounts are given for a reason

In finance, where brokers take their commission before the trade lands on the market, providing free account must have a hidden motive. This is to persuade the potential clients to experience the market. If you want, simply practice in the demo account. Never depend on signals or copy the formula of other investors. It will take time but once you have developed a method, you will make money.


Being a new trader, you should always have faith in your actions. No matter which trading method you choose, never increase the risk exposure. Take the trades with very low risk so that you can withstand unexpected losses. Consider the losing trades as your business cost and wait for the next trade signals. Never lose hope or get frustrated just because you are having a tough time securing profit.