Top ten places in Canada

What is usually told to us about Canada. Ten places in Canada is that over. There we will interact with the Canadian folks. And who are super nice. And say sorry all the time. We will be seeing the maple trees. Everywhere that create. The delicious maple. Syrup for pancakes. And that the biggest attraction in Canada is to visit the famous. Niagara Falls in Ontario. But there is so much more to Canada. It’s multicultural and diverse atmosphere. Is represented by each of its signature city. And that has its own unique personality. Each city is mesmerizing. Enough to make you grab your suitcase. Your getaway partner to book. The next flight to Canada. And the Great White North!

Top of ten places in Canada is give below:

1. Tofino, Vancouver: A city within the mountains!

A dream come true for people who want to enjoy. The city life. And yet would love to wake up to a view. Mountain ranges. And sea view where you can definitely go Kayaking.


2. Banff National Park, Calgary, Alberta: A gateway to Canadian Rockies.

Explore the mountain ranges. And pure countryside view. Don’t forget to visit the Banff National Park. Get a surreal experience of living in lake houses. Surrounded by a bowl of mountains. Quite Picturesque!

3. Toronto: A world within a city

Often mistaken as the capital city of Canada. It is a metropolitan. Where you will see people. From all over the world and a walk. Through its streets is enriched with multicultural experiences. And as well as you will find a diverse mix of Chinese, Scottish, English, Indian, Italian and other ethnicities in the walls of this vibrant city!

4. Old Town, Montreal: A city for world festivals!

Filled with most range of occasions and festivities. And as well as montreal definitely is the cultural capital of Canada. And as well as One of its most musical festivals is the MIJF (Montreal International Jazz Festival) that organizes hundreds of concerts and invites thousands of musicians to play in June and July, every year.

Old Town

5.Nova Scotia, Halifax: A city down to earth and the ocean!

The largest city in the Atlantic side of Canada, in Halifax. Finally you will meet the most humble down-to-earth. And people and serenity you will experience from the Oceanside city. And its waterfronts will make you kick back and enjoy the ocean’s ambiance. Ten places in Canada

6. Niagara Falls: A city of Waterfalls!

Got confused? It’s understandable. And as well as Niagara Falls is actually a city in Ontario. That has the world’s most attractive tourist spot for Waterfalls, which has the same name as the city!

7. Quebec: A city of architectures!

Most of the history of this country. Moreover culture is preserved in the old architectures, galleries and museums in this aged city!

8. Butchart Gardens, Victoria: A city of History!

Like Quebec, Victoria also preserves. The English history. But it is famously known for its must-visit. Tourist point known as the Butchart Gardens.

9.  Ottawa: Heart of the Canada!

The true Canadian spirit and the friendly culture of its people are represented here in this city the most! (Ottawa City)

10. Newfoundland and Labrador: A Getaway paradise

Eastern-most province of Canada and is an escape from the urban lifestyle, if you are one to enjoy living in islands of peace and serenity with least human and urban hassles, then this is your dream come true!


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