Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills To Have In 2020

As digital marketing is expanding its root over the internet, more and more people are getting into this area. The trend is growing from the time social media apps made their way to people’s smartphones. Nowadays, a large percentage of the unemployed in India are seeking jobs in digital marketing. Speaking of the popularity of digital marketing in the country, thousands of digital marketing services have emerged from all the major cities. Companies from every industry are using it to shape their future. Although digital marketing is pre-dominating, new professionals should be ready with some top-notch skills. In this article, I will tell you some digital marketing skills you must have by this year. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills To Learn This Year

1. Content Writing And Marketing

Both writing and marketing have different influences. Writing focuses on your potential customers, while marketing is dedicated to getting the best possible web traffic. You should possess both these skills to get ahead of your rivals. Always remember that content is king and a very crucial part of digital marketing. Not being skilled in this area might make you lose your brand awareness. 

2. SEO

SEO started gaining traction when Google became one of the best search engines across the globe. Before that, SEO was not so popular among people. As time passed by, companies began ranking their websites on Google. For that, they started employing all the SEO skills. If you want to get the best results for your company, you must update yourself with the latest SEO tools.

3. Graphic Designing

Nothing is duller than a content lacking graphics and compelling visuals. You should be aware of the most commonly used graphic designing tools. Coreldraw and Photoshop will be the best options for you. While preparing your content, make sure to include the best and optimized visuals such as images, infographics, and videos. 

4. Social Media Advertising

As social media platforms are making more profits, they have come up with paid promotion. In today’s time, if you look at social media platforms as tools for free promotion, you will not get better results. In short, you should include social media marketing with your social media promotion strategies. Social media marketing costs some money, but it will make your brand reach all over the world. 

5. WordPress

WordPress powers more than 30 percent of websites emerging from every corner of the world. Most of the CMS websites we see today are built on WordPress. The reason why WordPress is gaining traction among developers is that WordPress makes websites SEO-friendly by default. Your startup has a high chance to go big with a development platform like WordPress. 

6. Email Marketing

Most digital marketers think that email marketing is dead. However, they are greatly mistaken. By using email marketing in your digital marketing strategies, you look more professional while approaching people. Many experts have proven that email marketing can give a 3x boost to your sales.  Therefore, never underestimate the underlying potential of email marketing.  

7. PPC

PPC or Paid Per Click advertising is an old, yet a significant part of digital marketing. Through PPC campaigns, a business can expand like a wildfire on the internet. PPC campaigns should be handled carefully because they might cost you a few dollars. Your visitors start clicking advertisements and you get benefits from them. 

8. Conversion Rate Optimization

A significant goal of digital marketing is to get the best possible web traffic from the internet. After getting web traffic, you can easily convert them into your potential customers. With Conversion Rate Optimization, you test all your pages and find out the best CTA(Call-To-Actions). You should also have experience with A/B split testing to get the best results from it. 

9.  Automation In Marketing

Everything we see now is getting automated. For digital marketing, you will easily find automation tools available on the internet. By using these automation tools, you will be able to create compelling landing pages for your customers. You can also schedule your posts so that they get posted at specific time intervals.

10. Web Development 

Web development is not limited to IT companies. Nowadays, you will easily find a web development team in almost all digital marketing companies. Your website should have a perfect combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. From the perspective of a digital marketing agency, your website is an optimized one if it has optimized images, videos, and relatively less code. In addition, your web pages should be optimized according to the latest trends on the internet.


So far, we have gone through some of the best digital marketing skills. Any new professional in the digital marketing area must learn these skills to improve his or her performance. If you are someone looking for digital market services in India, you can easily find a perfect digital marketing company in Delhi. Delhi has some of the best digital marketing agencies that provide top-class digital marketing services. Finally, I would like to say that everyone should adopt the latest skills to make the most out of the digital marketing world.


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