Tips for Saving Money on Prescription Medications

If you are looking for help with being able to manage the costs on your prescribed medications. There are actually a few options to consider. You may have heard of ordering online from Canada sites for a prescription home delivery, but there are other options so here are six things you can do to save some money. 

Six ways to save money on your prescription medications

Getting and using a discount medication card

There are a number of discount prescription medication cards you can apply for, and the amount of discount it will allow you to apply varies from one type to another. Look for ones that best suit your needs and make sure you meet the criteria set. Be warned that some do have a monthly fee. 

Talk to your doctor about your needs

Sometimes your doctor is the best person to talk to as they can then choose medications that are just as good to treat you but are more affordable. They also often have free samples they can hand out to their patients given to them by the drug companies. Should your circumstances change while you are on a medication and you find yourself not able to pay for it, Prescription Medications let your doctor know and they will switch you to something else.  

Look for the generic alternatives

A lot of the big brand name drugs have generic alternatives. These are medications that have been approved by the FDA and have the same active ingredients. There can often be quite a big difference in the cost between a brand name and a generic drug. Talk to your pharmacist and your doctor about whether there are generic alternatives.  

Use Trusted PricePro Pharmacy

When looking for discount prescription medication a good option is to find a respected online Canadian pharmacy and have your drugs delivered. Canadian prices are a lot lower than US prices. You just need to make sure to use somewhere with a genuine license and only one that asks for a prescription.

Try to buy some in bulk

Sometimes you can buy medications in bulk and that lowers the cost to you. The cost per dosage often lowers when you buy more. If you are on a medication for an extended time, you could look to get something more like a 90 day supply over a 30 day one. 

Many people do pill splitting

Another option is pill-splitting. Some medications come in various doses so you might have been prescribed 25mg of something but there are also packs that come in 50mg. You can ask to get a prescription for the higher amount and then cut them in half, or split the pill. It is not possible with all medications but could help some people. Order drugs online from PricePro Pharmacy if you are on pills that are safe to split like this. Be sure to use a proper pill splitter to cut them so you get the best results.