Sports Sims Emerged as Rare Victor Against COVID-19

At the onset of the COVID-19 shutdown was despair never seen in sports gambling.  High anticipation for March Madness turned into darkness.  Online and Las Vegas sportsbooks had the roof cave in on them.  March Madness time is second only to the Super Bowl for wagering handle and hotel reservations.  In the blink of an eye, it was lost forever. 

In like manner, it was immediately apparent that obscure sports from obscure lands had no betting appeal.  Sportsbooks had to rack their brains for ideas.  With nothing to lose they decided to offer sports sims.   From there a gold rush ensued.  Sports sims attracted betting handle like nothing else on the board.  The accident was turned into a design.  Most important of all online and Las Vegas sportsbook operators found the perfect answer.  A crisis was averted. 

Sports Sims Naturally Engineered to Draw Gamblers

Why did sports sims become a draw where nothing else offered worked?  A sports sim is after all a video game.  Owing to that would be skepticism from all involved.  How could a video game played by teenagers turn into a gambling attraction with millions of dollars of the handle?  In the beginning the explanation comes down to engineering.  Players and teams are built to reflect what they are in actual matchups and seasons. 

First, sports sims are built on a combination of stats and metrics based on real life.  Subjective ratings are used as well.  Each player in the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NHL is recreated to reflect his actual ability.  For example, baseball’s Mike Trout will have a most valuable player impact in sports sims matchups.  Hockey’s Alex Ovechkin will feature his deadly left-wing power-play shot in sims too.  Football’s Patrick Mahomes will take over games with miraculous comebacks.  While basketball’s James Harden will remain a scoring machine. 

Teams Reflect Actual Abilities

Just as you would expect the Detroit Lions will be a basket case in Madden NFL 20.  It follows that the San Francisco 49ers will be the most balanced team in that sports simulation.  As the Kansas City Chiefs “wing it” with Mahomes to Super Bowl contention. 

Baseball’s Atlanta Braves will have strong pitching.  In turn, the Yankees will show why they are known as the Bronx Bombers.  MLB The Show 20 is constructed to make you feel right at home on the diamond. 

Hockey’s Toronto Maple Leafs will have plenty of offensive skills.  By contrast, the Leafs back end will allow opponents every opportunity to score comebacks.  NHL 20 EA Sports brings the sport of hockey to life in a most believable way.

Comparable to those games is NBA2K20.  This game goes into a stunning level of detail that has made it a favorite for sports simulation betting.  Giannis Antetokounmpo will dominate most games for Milwaukee.  Even though his free throw shooting will make some Bucks games closer than they should be.  In like manner, Joel Embiid of the 76ers will be a dominant center.  And LeBron James of the Lakers and Kawhi Leonard of the Clippers will clash for Los Angeles supremacy.

Graphics Epitomize Virtual Reality

On the whole realistic results are mandatory but not enough.  Gamblers love to watch the games that they bet on.  And this is where the sports sims complete their product to perfection.  Online and Las Vegas casinos will show the sports sims on televisions or monitors as the game proceeds.  Concurrently the graphics are of ultra hi-def visual quality.  It’s very difficult to tell the difference between a real-life broadcast and sports sims presentation.  Simultaneously real-life announcers call the sports sims matchups.  They are built into the game itself.

Betting and Handicapping Sports Sims

Because of this realism gamblers know that they can use their handicapping notebooks for sports sims.  Best of all sports sims are far quicker to complete than actual games.  And the betting board looks just like real life.  More emphatically you can make the same types of bets in sports sims as you can in actual games. 

To sum up sportsbooks threw a Hail Mary with sports sims.  Now that sports are returning, sims will remain as a regular new part of the family.  After all, they earned it!


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