Sacha Sorrentino, Healthy Coach of Italian Stars and Celebrities

Sacha Sorrentino is a nutritionist expert in localized slimming, nutrition, and sports integration of high-level Healthy Coach of Italian professional athletes.

He works has Milan and Rome will be best Italian celebrities.

He started doing this job eight years ago. At this time educating people on the concept of diet.

Its goal is to draw up a diet as an individual as possible. And based on specific blood chemistry, biotype, and lifestyle tests. All this to help people love each other.

He believes that nutrition. And a healthy lifestyle is the best preventive medicine for healthy aging.

The cardiovascular risks associated. As well as abdominal obesity, the incidence of tumor pathologies following an incorrect diet. And the danger of metabolic inflammation linked to food are known.

An athlete can improve their performance with a healthy diet, lengthen their career. And prevent the risk of injuries!

Sorrentino distinguished himself during. At this time the period of the quarantine due to COVID 19. Indeed by creating a very interesting communication. Especially format in partnership with Villa Brasini Beauty Clinic. And Diletta Siniscalchi, managing to educate thousands of people about food culture.

Healthy eating is the first pillar for a healthy and successful lifestyle, full of happiness and positive.

Hundreds are the people that Dr. Sacha Sorrentino is now guiding in their nutritional path, achieving crazy results.

“A rich menu of light recipes tells about his vision, eating healthy is good, but every now and then let us indulge in pleasure without exaggerating. ”

Frozen yogurt has been one of the doctor’s most popular recipes in the last month.


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