Role Of Fantasy Games In Holistic Development Of Children

Apart from the food in our plates, the clothes on our body and the roof over the head, we need one more thing for a pleasant life which is entertainment! It makes our life vibrant and full of laughter, allowing us to spend quality time with our friends and families. 

It is not that we are talking about entertainment today, but it has always been a part of our lives. During ancient times, people entertained themselves with dancing and painting. He was also involved in hunting for entertainment.

Even during the times of kings and queens, they also have corners in their Raj Mahal for the sports and cultural activities. Kings used to have singer and painter in their court. Chess and Chauser is one of the favourite games of kings.

As time passes, means of entertainment have undergone dramatic changes in the name of advancement in the various technologies developed and used by the entertainment people. The different ways through which we entertain ourselves now are:

  • Sports or games
  • films
  • Web series
  • Video games
  • Picnic 
  • Adventure sports

These are all recreational activities that we do to refresh our minds. However, there is very few of them which besides entertainment also benefits our health and improves our intelligence. Sports is an activity that makes life happy and makes us think about our decisions.

In today’s times, we are not dependent on any two games. Instead, we have hundreds of games available to us, for example, cricket, Kabaddi, basketball, badminton, tennis, long tennis, swimming, cycling, baseball, basketball, water rafting and what not. The government and educational institutes are incorporating sports culture in the school curriculum so that students can get benefitted since childhood and also develop their motor skills better. There are numerous benefits of sports, some of them are listed here:

  •  Various studies conducted around the globe have found out that children’s involvement in sports makes them capable of handling stress than those who do not participate in any other kind of physical activity. Regular engagement in sports has many health benefits as it enhances cardiovascular fitness also helps in the right development of tendons, ligaments and muscles. It also induces goodnight sleep. As the physical activity brings balance and coordination in all the organs of the body.
  •  Sports is not just gameplay for entertainment purpose instead it also taught children’s life lessons such as to socialize with people to make friends and to express their views and convince the opponent with practical and coherent reasoning. Above all, it gives you the courage to take the chance and risk in your life. Which is is the most important thing to achieve success.
  • No matter how much indoor entertainment stuff come out in the market, they can never take the place of what sports has in our life. Indoor mediums do not have real-world communication or experience. The person doesn’t even get fresh air to breathe. When they involve in sports outside in the park garden or a playground, they are getting fresh air.
  • Surveys these days conducted around the World presents horrifying results that say over 30% of children around the age group of 5 to 19 years are obese. Do you understand the necessity of sports now? Obese is not a single problem. It is a string that brings a hundred thread of additional problem with itself. Like- diabetes, breathing issues, hypertension, migraine and many others. These are just health issues that an obese go through. The impact of obesity is not only on the physical health of the person, but it also makes them feel inferior among their peers. Hence, impacting their mental health. Their inability to participate in sports and simple physical activity lose their self-esteem and brake their self-confidence. Therefore to fight obesity which is quite easy to do at a tender age, children should involve in physical activities.

Sports builds teamwork and leadership qualities in children’s hence is the most recommended physical activity for everyone, especially children. 

In the time of pollution and pandemic like Corona, it is a situation of life and death to send your kid out to play in the playgrounds. For a mother, washing soiled clothes is not a big deal, but the health of her child is important to her. So, they try to bring all the necessary items for entertainment in the house. However, binge-watching web series or films won’t help in any motor skill development. 

Indulging them in online fantasy games will help in this situation. Fantasy sports is an advanced form of digital sports that can give you real-life experience and teach you real-life lessons. To put it simply it is a sport in which you choose your game and then play it just the way you will play on the ground. With a little twist that on the ground, you have to move your feet, but here you have to move your feet with the buttons on the screen or whatever medium you are choosing for input- a keyboard press or a mouse click! 

Fantasy game is an umbrella word just like we have an umbrella scheme by a government that includes all the small issues under it. Fantasy game covers many games under it. Such as cricket, football, basketball, Kabaddi, hockey apart from these, there are certain indoor games such as Ludo, chess, billiards many more. How to play these games? is a very relevant question at this point.

To understand this, let’s take up an example of cricket fantasy game. Here are some tips:

· You have to select members for your team from the list of players.

· During the match, your pair players will score points based on their current real-life scores.

· Therefore, you have to be careful about the selection of your players. 

· The team that you have just selected will compete with other users and be them with your score.

· It might look simple to read it, but it does give a real-time experience also lots of opportunities learn.

With best fantasy games pc we can use enjoy all the benefits and fun of sports sitting in our comfort zone.

You can add the conclusion at the end with ” We all know that fantasy games play an important role in the holistic development of children either they are online or offline. But for physical growth and development, we need to encourage our kids to participate in physical games and yard activities. There are hundred and thousands of games that are very popular to play in your backyard like, trampolizing, frisbee, swinging etc. Want to get information about jumping and yard games and equipment you can visit the site that is all about to find the best trampolines and their parts.