Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 – TOP 5 things to know!

Qualcomm has announced the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform.  

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is basically their flagship mobile chipset for 2020.

Most upcoming devices like Motorola Edge plus, Oneplus 8 pro and many other flagship devices are going to use this chipset.

You’re pretty much gonna see it in like every single flagship Android phone coming this year.

Now first things first this is still a 7 nanometer chipset, so no there’s no dice ranked since the 855 but that doesn’t mean that it’s not quite a bit better, there are alot of improvements in this chipset so let’s get to it.

Performance and Battery:

First things first we got to start with performance and battery efficiency.

Now Qualcomm is rating the Snapdragon 865 to have 25 percent better performance and battery efficiency over the 855, that’s a pretty big jump, that’s mostly due to the fact that they’re now utilizing the A77 chip from Arm for the CPU.

That’s just a much better architecture because it’s around the same clock speed as it was in the last chip, the prime core is 2.5 gigahertz, and the big core is 2.4 gigahertz. 

For the architecture is just so much better that you’re getting 25% better power efficiency and 25% better performance.


Number 2 we’re talking GPU.

Qualcomm is ranking the new Adreno 650 to have about 25 percent better performance than the adreno 640, and 35% better battery efficiency.

So you can kind of see a trend going here you’ve got quite a bit better performance and quite a bit better battery efficiency across the board. 

Now something else that’s pretty cool with this GPU it’s gonna support 144 Hertz

HDR 10 + qhd+ displays.

That’s really nice to see because we’ve seen 90 Hertz displays, we’ve seen 120 Hertz displays just this year alone and that means that we’re probably going to see high refresh rate displays become a lot more popular in 2020, And the fact that is HDR 10 plus is just icing on that cake.

Now something else that’s cool about the adreno 650 is that the GPU drivers are actually separated from the rest of the chipset.

That’s pretty much how traditional GPUs have worked in like desktops and laptops previously, you would download the GPU drivers because the manufacturer could issue updates for it, and that means that you’ll now be able to download drivers for the adrene 650 GPU over the Google Playstore so your GPU is gonna get better over time.

Ai Performance:

Number three we’ve got overall about 2x AI performance in this chip and 4x tensor performance in the tensor processor in the DSP.

There’s also about 35% better battery efficiency as well, so again we’re going a lot more performance and a lot more battery efficiency in this chip.

That’s gonna help with things like semantic segmentation in the camera, where it can separate aspects of your face and cloth and apply filters differently to make the image look overall better.  

There’s obviously a lot of use cases for AI and smartphones.


Number four this is the  first Processor to support the new X55 modem from Qualcomm.

This is a 5g  modem there are a lot of benefits to  this modem.


Number 5 and maybe most  impressively is the new Spectra ISP that’s in the snapdragon 865.

Now the  biggest thing is that it can process 2 Giga pixels per second of data, and 

that’s a huge increase.

Usually  you’re gonna have to just bump the clock speed to get more data through put, but Qualcomm actually did the opposite, they’re lowering the clock speed in their processing 4 pixels per clock instead of one pixel per clock at a higher clock rate.

This is a lot of  benefits, because you’re saving about 16  percent energy efficiency, And you can  process way more data which is enabling  a lot of different things.

One of those is 200 megapixel images.

Second is 8k 30fps video, 4k 120 FPS  video, 720p 960 fps videos, sustained for 

over 10 minutes.

That’s gonna about wrap it up for our top five in the snapdragon 865.


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