8 Things to Expect from Product Photography Services

Professional product photography services are a worthwhile investment. You get stunning, carefully-edited images of your product and can use them on all kinds of platforms ranging from Amazon to social media campaigns. Many business owners wonder if professional photography is necessary as we all carry sophisticated cameras in our pockets. While smartphone cameras do yield great images, they’re not a good option for product photography. They don’t produce the truly polished pictures you need to stand out among competitors. Here’s a look at what you can expect from professional product photography services:

1. Understanding Your Requirements

Product photography requires careful planning and execution. Every image tells a story and a photograph will only convey the right message if the photographer knows your product or brand well. An experienced professional will first consult with clients to understand their requirements. They will ask you a series of questions about your brand, products, company message, competitors, target audiences, etc. 

A comprehensive consultation is one of the most important aspects of professional product photography services. An expert will take time to understand what your goals are and plan their approach to the shoot accordingly. Most studios offer free first consultation and will cover all aspects of the shoot with you during this session. 

2. Coming Up With a Concept 

Every product photograph should convey a clear message to your target audience. It should showcase the product effectively, establish a strong brand presence, and live up to modern expectations. An experienced professional will collect all the information about your product and conduct some research before coming up with a strong concept. 

In most cases, this concept and a few preliminary sketches are sent to the client for consideration. You can request changes, identify issues that the photographer may have missed, or ask them to add a few elements wherever necessary. Most agencies offering professional product photography services will collaborate with clients to make sure the final result ticks all of the boxes. 

3. Props and Models 

Some styles of product photography require a little more preparation than others. For example, lifestyle photography often needs models and is sometimes shot in outdoor locations. Creative in-studio photography includes props and elements that help showcase the product’s purpose. For example, if you’re selling a knife, you may want an image with a few chopped ingredients on a cutting board along with the product. 

Props come in very handy when you are selling products that require additional preparation. For example, companies that sell pancake batter may require real pancakes or prop pancakes in the photographs. A professional photography studio will have all of the elements needed to present the product effectively. 

4. Professional Photography Equipment

A studio will have professional photography equipment that will provide stunning images. They will have proper lighting set up with box lights, ring lights, ambient lighting, etc. They will also have different kinds of lenses to take detailed images. For example, if you want to focus on specific components of a product, you may need a macro lens. If you want to get a large product in the frame and still have enough detail, you will need a wide-angle lens.

Professional-grade photography equipment is expensive and requires skill to operate. They have several features that can enhance the quality of the image significantly if you use them correctly. An experienced photographer knows how to take full advantage of the available equipment and get the best results.  

5. Comprehensive Post-Production Editing 

Product photography services are incomplete without post-production editing. While sophisticated equipment does a lot of the grunt-work, the resultant images still need some finishing touches and refinement. An experienced photographer knows how to edit photographs to correct white balance, remove flaws, sharpen colors, improve contrast, etc. 

The post-production process turns a relatively plain photograph into something stunning and impactful. If you want images that shine on all kinds of platforms and screens, hire a professional with experience in the field. They will use tools like Adobe Photoshop to make sure the final images look polished. 

6. Different Sizes and Formats

Different platforms require different kinds of images and formats. Online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc, have a few strict rules on what kind of product images you can upload in the listing. You also need to make sure the images are optimized for mobile screens and other such platforms, which is why hiring professional product photography services is a good choice. 

An experienced photographer is familiar with these platforms and will recommend the best sizes and formats. They will follow the rules and regulations of different websites to ensure you don’t face any trouble down the line. 

7. Professional Advice 

Product photographers do a lot of research before setting up a shoot. They also have experience with different industries, marketing strategies, platforms, and products. All of this experience benefits clients during the campaign. An expert will offer advice on what kind of photography approaches are suitable for your product. For example, you may need more lifestyle images one product while product on white might be more suitable for another item. 

Professional advice can help businesses get an edge over their competitors and ensure the product images have the right impact on their target audiences. You can ask the photographers for ideas and recommendations during the initial consultation. An experienced professional won’t hesitate to answer your questions and offer good solutions. 

8. Detailed Quote and Straightforward Pricing 

All professional product photography services should have straightforward pricing. A reliable studio will provide a detailed quote after the consultation so you can make informed decisions. Different studios have different pricing strategies. You can choose to pay for every image, every product, or on an hourly or daily basis. Discuss the pricing with the studio to ensure the amount is reasonable and includes everything you need. 

Find an agency that has experience providing product photography services. While most photography studios can handle product photography, specialists in this field have in-depth knowledge about how to present different objects in photographs. If you want to start apart from the competition and get customer attention, hire a photography studio with a good track record.  

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