Many men experience problems with ejaculating too quickly. They’re one of the foremost commonly diagnosed erectile dysfunctions. They not only end in the shortcoming to their satisfactory gender but are a source of mental discomfort in men and lack of self-confidence. So when is it possible to speak about problems with ejaculation in men? What are the causes of early ejaculation? A way to Treat Premature Ejaculation? What are the treatments?


Premature ejaculation is defined as an erectile dysfunction consisting of rapid ejaculation that minimal Intimate stimulation is required. According to the ICD-10 International Classification of Diseases and Health Problems, ejaculation means the lack of delay, which might be sufficient for satisfactory Intimate issues. Ejaculation may be distinguished:

  • too premature, which occurs before or at the start of foreplay,
  • premature, occurring before intercourse or at the time of introducing a member into the vagina,
  • too early, which occurs after penetration begins, but occurs after some frictional movements, which can not be satisfactory for both parties.

Also, ejaculation occurs throughout a man’s life – from the start of his intimate initiation. During this case, ejaculation usually occurs before intercourse or within 1 minute of penetration. The second style of ejaculation is that the acquired type is also referred to as secondary. It’s characterized by a significant shortening of the time to ejaculation in relevancy the sooner functioning within the intimate sphere of a given man. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 are oral medications to treat Ed.


The causes of ejaculation can come from various sources. The explanations for the rapid ejaculation are found on a somatic basis. In this case, ejaculation may be a consequence of diseases. Typically, problems with early ejaculation are caused by impotence, diabetes, and an overactive ductless gland. Nevertheless, the explanation is commonly also diseases of the urinary system (inflammation of the urethra or prostate gland), likewise as prostatic hyperplasia or inflammation. Importantly, neurological diseases cannot be ruled out.

It should be noted that sometimes ejaculation is situational. This suggests that it occurs in an exceeding man who has not previously experienced a controversy with early, rapid ejaculation. Usually, the explanation for this is often stressed or intimate activity with a newly met partner whom the person wants to prove him to.

Too early ejaculation often has its source also within the psyche of men. Psychogenic factors include mood disorders, including depression and neurosis, inexperience in performing Intimate acts, and rare or irregular intercourse, which ends in nervousness and uncertainty. Additionally, the causes of rapid ejaculation may also be traumatic past Intimate experiences, bad relationships along with your partner, and stress.


In a situation where ejaculation is acquired, it is deliberately postponed. A massage of the purpose located on the left thigh, on the rear, can bring positive effects. It’s located approximately four fingers from the leg exercise, where the nerve is found. Massage of now is liable for the right ejaculation time. Notably, the massage mustn’t last longer than 5 minutes. Vidalista 20 and Kamagra Oral Jelly also an amazing way to treat Ed.

A useful thanks to delaying ejaculation during intercourse is to withdraw the male main organ from the vagina as you’re feeling the upcoming ejaculation. You ought to lift the hips and remove the male main organ, and it’s necessary to stay motionless during this position for some to many seconds. Now, you ought to breathe the diaphragm and tighten the abdominal muscles. To delay ejaculation, you’ll also apply pressure during intercourse for 3-4 minutes between the perineum and therefore the anus, while breathing deeply.

Men fighting the matter of ejaculation should remember that each one movement during intercourse should be slow and delicate from the very beginning. In a situation where excitement arises, stop making movements, and anticipate the emotions to subside gently. It’s also worth observing that frequent Intimate activity lengthens the duration of acts and delays ejaculation.

TREATMENT OF ejaculation

Premature ejaculation isn’t only a source of psychological discomfort in men. And it can even be a symbol of the disease. For this reason, a visit to the doctor is essential. With ejaculation, one should visit a sexologist during a situation where the disorder incorporates a psychological background, or to a urologist or doctor if somatic causes are suspected.

Treatment of ejaculation depends on the underlying cause. For this reason, if the issues with rapid ejaculation are psychogenic, like depression or neurosis, treatment is especially supported by pharmacotherapy – taking antidepressants. Drugs achieve the most precise results from serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), still as SARI pharmaceuticals and phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Additionally, ejaculation effectively delaying lidocaine and prilocaine ointments, which are applied to the glans about a quarter-hour before intercourse.

Additionally, men are often brought up as sexologists and psychologists who conduct individual psychotherapy to solve the patient’s problems. Couple therapy is also worth considering.


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