OgyMogy Parental Monitoring App: The Ultimate Truth Teller

Call me obsessed or crazy, but I frequently had nightmares that my kids are hiding something from me and are in trouble. The kind of trouble alters and takes turns but believe me my anxiety level goes sky high every morning. My morning routine is to act like a normal cool mom and ask random questions to know if they are in any minor or major kind of trouble in real or it’s just me. Yes! you all teenagers reading this while yelling ÿou need to get rid of this obsession. I know and I will but I think this is the heart of the parents and especially moms. We are overprotective and extra careful when it comes to our kids and you all will agree with me on this fact that teens need extra nourishment and care. So to satisfy the extra concerned inner motherhood in us we need to do some extra work to take good care of our kids. Things, that do not make us helicopter parents or make us lose our cool parent image but tame our anxieties and stress level regarding the safety and well being of our children.

So for all of you kind and frustrated souls who are in search of some magic, I am gonna share my wonderful experience of finding the best solution. What we all need is security and truth about where are our kids, what are they doing, who are they with, and when they will be back home, are they enjoying too much screen time, and many many more without confrontation and direct asking. So here is the answer Try The Parental monitoring software. It is user friendly and will make your life easier and stress-free.

Truth About Their Whereabouts:

If your teen has the useless habit of lying about his location or schedule, don’t worry OgyMogy has got your back. The location tracking feature of OgyMogy lets the user know about the exact location of your child in real-time. You can check the whereabouts history and track their movements as well. It allows the user to mark a virtual safe zone and a restricted zone on google map. Thus any exit or entry in the respective zone will be notified to the user by The OgyMogy spy app. This feature will let you know about all the hideouts of your kids in the most sophisticated way possible.

Truth About Their Company And Interests:

OgyMogy bugs the mic of the target person device thus you can listen to the surrounding voices, chats, and discussions of your kid easily. The listen to surround voices feature of OgyMogy helps you find out about your kid interests, topics of discussions, etc. You can know about their company and habits daily schedules etc with the little help from The OgyMogy.

Truth About Sleep Time:

If you are worried that your kid might be sleeping late and waste time on phone or tablet etc you can find out the truth with OgyMogy.OgyMogy has this feature of screen recording that allows the user to visit the screen of the target person in real-time whenever they want. So make surprise visits to the screen of your kids and know about their activities. You can even check the screen activities by the short recorded videos and screenshots of the screen captured by The OgyMogy spy app.

Social Media Truths and Dares:

OgyMogy has this long list of spy apps that can be used to monitor the social media activities of the kids. Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, Twitter spy app, Line spy app, Spy on Snapchat and many others let the user know about the activities of the target person. In this way, you can save them from any online bullies or harassment and makes sure they do not share personal information online with the public.

OgyMogy offers various packages that contain different features. You can try any of the packages.You can have the OgyMogy Mac or Windows monitoring software for keeping an eye on the tablets, PCs, and laptops and can get the android spy app version for smartphone monitoring. Don’t worry the Installation process is very simple and easy. After installation, you will have remote access to all the gadgets of your teenagers and through this, you will know the truth about your teenager’s life and interests.


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