Mortal engines were directed by Kristian rivers produced by Peter Jackson.

Mortal engines is about a young woman named Hester Shaw in a post-apocalyptic world. Where cities drive around on wheels some are larger than others like London. They eat smaller cities to help power their city. Hester teams up with a guy named Tom both of them were wrong. Hugo Weaving character named Valentine to go after him and try to stop a conspiracy. Will have you believe that this is Peter Jackson’s. I know who talk about movies for a living who legit thought Peter Jackson directed this movie.

He is imaginative quirky bold and able to entertain and transport me over and over again. I did walk in with some apprehension that’s I was hoping for from mortal engines. The first-time directorial effort from longtime PJ collaborator, Mr. Christian rivers. They can now kick things off by declaring with complete sincerity. This film’s production design and the world like past PJ productions. 

It was so bold and exciting especially in its use of color texture and scale. I would say very rewarding Lee but so much of what is popular in big-budget blockbusters. These days though it achieved it often photorealism wasn’t the mortal engine’s primary. I would call it fresh grand and bombastic speaking of bombastic. Then I also need to give a shout out to actor Robert Sheehan. As little as that actor was given on the page or from his director. It was really given anything and he was still able to quite infuse.

So many of his scenes with at least the slightest spark of life. Honesty in some instances. I actually thought that he was the only thing saving me the scene from turning into a complete dud. Unfortunately, not even Sheehan and his brilliance could save all this film. Which as a whole was well a dud one of my primary thoughts. There are exceptions directors who write out the gate on their very first production.

There are so many variables so many elements and some components. All which need to be tend to imbalance right well that’s a bad place for a new director. His teeth to start with a smaller independent production is itself full of ridiculous. The director only has to be in command of two actors a small crew in one room.

There are still so many things to think about to work through and to execute. A massive cast and crew practical effects visual effects epic mythology and truckloads of backstory. Also a lot of very green directorial mistakes like not getting the right read from an actor in mortal engines. The beats of a scene were playing not capturing. A moment in an appropriate much less effective way rivers. Also, time and again chose to make the most predictable choices and narrative Lee. I saw moments that were so ripe right out of other films in this genre make. My thought anyways could have been the quite fresh quite old hat. But it wasn’t even that the scale of this film was wrong for Christian rivers directorial debut.

The script is wrong, I mean it was bad the entire thing were comprise of either character x+ backstory. The worlds and fast action set piece after fast action set-piece. There was also the occasional moment of character is staring at one another. The script contained any dynamics no emotion. Narrative rise and fall nothing that could help us settle into the story. Anything that could actually help us to know or care about these characters. Their relationships with one another the story fell flat and the characters fell flattered.


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