Looking Back At 1955 In Film

Looking Back At 1955 In Film One last time, let’s take a look at movie releases from days gone by. Previously, I had gone back in time in five-year increments to cover what was happening around the this time in the calendar when it came to movie releases. I’ve looked at terrible months for movies and good ones. It’s been a meaty stew. This time, though, I want to look at history a little differently. That’s mostly because Wikipedia doesn’t have movie released by month earlier than 1960. Given that, he’s just an overarching look at 1955.

Film back then was way differently

Film back then was way differently. Case in point, the highest-grossing film of 1955 was something called Cinerama Holiday. It’s basically a travel documentary. Back in 1955, people would go to the movies to see places they would never see. Other than that, the movies making a ton of cash were the likes of Mister RobertsOklahoma!, and Guys and DollsMarty won Best Picture at the Oscars. At 90 minutes long I also believe it’s the shortest movie to ever win Best Picture.

 Lady and the Tramp

Disney gave us Lady and the Tramp. Looking Back At 1955 In Film Alfred Hitchcock gave us To Catch a Thief. Billy Wilder gave us The Seven Year Itch, which is the film where Marilyn Monroe’s dress gets blown up. James Stewart and Grace Kelly were the biggest stars in the country. James Dean appeared in both East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause. Speaking of the latter, that was also the film where Dennis Hopper made his film debut.

Looking Back At 1955 In Film
Looking Back At 1955 In Film

That was one of many film debuts for notable stars in 1955. Walter Matthau, who seemed to be middle aged from the day he first appeared on screen, showed up in The Kentuckian. The most fun of these debuts, though, has to be Clint Eastwood in Revenge of the Creature. It’s a sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon, which I first saw on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Speaking of MST3KThis Island Earth also came out in 1955. That film was used at the center of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.

This is only a slice of the year 1955 in film, and there is more to the story, of course. It was a time of musicals, and a time when Abbott and Costello were still making movies. Most of all, it was a time when Clint Eastwood had a small role as a scientist in a monster movie.


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