Know What to Look Out for Before Buying a Cowboy Hat

It is beyond doubt that cowboy hats have become a part of mainstream fashion. You will find a cowboy hat in the wardrobes of many people.

But you are sure to encounter a bit of challenge while purchasing a cowboy hat, and that is in choosing the right one.

You will realize that choosing the right cowboy hat is more than just picking an attractive hat off the wall or ordering a stylish cowboy hat online. Bear in mind that a cowboy hat that looks good on someone might not be the right one. Therefore, you need to do some homework before you finally shell out money for purchasing one.

Here are some of the tips to consider:

Face Shape

The shape of your face is the first thing to consider. A cowboy hat will draw attention to your face, so you should make sure that the hat you choose will help balance out your facial features.

If your face is thin and elongated, then choose a cowboy hat with a medium crown height. A tall or short crown can make your face appear longer, making your face less flattering.

Choose a cowboy hat with a low crown height if your face is full or round. With a short crown, it will help to make a more flattering proportion for fuller faces.

Hat Material

An important point of consideration is the material of the hat. Cowboy hats can be made from straw, leather, felt, or wool.

Cowboy hats made of felt, wool, or leather tend to look more stylish and suit any outfit. If you want a cowboy hat with a non formal look, then choose a hat made of straw.

Nevertheless, a cowboy hat is one of the most precious items in a wardrobe. It not only adds to your looks but also strengthens your personality. But, there is a bit of integral work on your part too. And that is–keeping it clean. Refer to the infographic in this post to know all about the cleaning process.


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