Just Don’t Apply Wall Decals, Make Them Stand Out With These Tips

Wall decals have become a lot popular these days for improving the look and feel of the walls. With designers and artists introducing their personalized collections, you always have more choices. Ranging from small borders to complicated murals, branded Chanel wall decal to sport team logos, if you are planning to decorate your space, wall art decals can be excellent.

That being said, you can make your wall decals stand out if you are aware of some smart tips. Wall decals are the least expensive tools to transform the interiors of your home and office. Here are the tips to make your walls appealing.

Decide where to place the decal 

An important aspect of making wall decals truly appealing is to find the right spot to place it. If you are shopping for wall decals online, remember not all of them will look good on your walls. Decals will appear correct in a particular area this is why it is important to know which is the place where you are going to apply the wall decal.

Be accurate about the space size 

For perfectly bringing out the perfect wall art decal is to know the right space size. For instance, if you have a fully empty wall where you want to put the wall sticker, choose a size that will cover the entire space. Whether you are putting wall decals on empty walls or a part of the area, ensure to choose the right size such that the decal does not look small in the space.

For small vertical wall spaces choose a tall and thin wall decal. Whereas for horizontal walls pick wall decals that are short and thin. Keep in mind that the price of wall stickers differs according to their size.

Choose the right color 

Colors have the power to be therapeutic which is why no matter what type of design you choose, make sure to choose the right color. When you buy a wall sticker, it is important to choose the right color such that it suits your space. Remember the right color connects to emotions of the people and communicate with them at the sub-conscious level.

Make sure you match the colors to choose the right option. Interestingly, if you are buying wall decals online you can order them to be customized as per your requirement.

Take some inspiration 

You do not have to worry about the inspiration as you can always make a quick visit to Pinterest to take some inspiration. There are plenty of places like Spruce and Kraftmatics where you can find ideas about what will look good at your space. You can find some of the best inspirations on Pinterest as there are curated lists of wall decals here to discover.

What mood do you want to set?

Every room of your house has a different mood and wall decals can either compliment or spoil the mood of the space. If you have a place that’s a lively and fun area, then you can put a colorful and lively stickers to make them truly energetic. If your space has a more natural feel then picking decals that have elements of nature is more suitable.


Wall decals can magically transform your interiors. We hope these tips will help you make most of your wall decals and truly turn the walls lively.


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