Jio Glass: Characteristics, Expected Price and Availability in India

Jio Glass is a Mixed Reality arrangement and is one of the declarations made by the Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) at the 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 15 July. You can connect the Jio Glass by means of your cell phone which causes you make video calls and go to conferences in a 3D holographic condition.

What is Jio Glass

Jio Glass planned by RIL will help make school and authority gatherings. It permits understudies and educators to make 3D virtual rooms through which students can likewise give presentations. Jio Glass will help make gatherings and calls simpler and more interactive. The organization additionally said that Jio Glass’ cutting edge innovation that offers a genuinely important inundation experience by giving top tier Mixed Reality services.

Jio Glass Specifications

The Jio Glass weighs only 75 grams and has a solitary camera. It additionally has an inbuilt sound framework through which clients can without much of a stretch associate with the telephone. It will support 25 applications and will likewise have a high-goal show. For Jio Glass clients to have the option to call effectively through the voice order, simply need to state “Hi Jio, if it’s not too much trouble call (name). Aside from these, nothing is more thought at this point about the Jio Glass.

Expected price in India

Dependence Industries has not affirmed anything about the accessibility and cost of the Jio Glass. Yet, ideally, it will be accessible from one month from now. It is supposed to be estimated at Rs. 14,000 in India.Apps

supported by Jio Glass

Jio Glass support 25 applications at present and some of them are as per the following: JioCinema, JioSaavn, Jio TV Plus, JioMeet, Reliance Digital, Hamleys, Horse Cart, Spiral Skate, Funny Bunny, etc. The individuals who wish to enlist their interest for Jio Glass can visit the official site.

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