Is WhatsApp spy app beneficial for user?

The obsession of social networking apps over the years is on the rise among everyone, but young children are second to none. They are addicted to social messaging activities and do messages, chats, audio video calls, multimedia sharing, and voice messages. WhatsApp has considered best among instant messaging apps. That’s why young kids and teens used to of spending hours and hours on the social media platform.

 The curiosity of using instant messengers comes from pressure and they finally download it on their mobile devices connected to the cyberspace. Children have become vulnerable to instant messaging apps because of online predators, inappropriate media sharing, use it for online dating and interaction with the strangers are biggest issues. Therefore, parents have to get their hands on WhatsApp spy app. 

What is the WhatsApp spying app?

It is the best feature and high tech-tool of TheOneSpy mobile spy. it is the application that is a unique advance in nature because it is pack with dozens of powerful features. Moreover, you can install it on the target device and get access to the web portal to use its features and upload information on the instant messaging app.

 The application has a user –friendly interface and easily navigates its features on the target cellphone installed social messaging app. It is known as the best for parental control and to use it for business safety. However, in this article, we are only describing its usage against parental concerns. In addition to that, users can use its customer care service to get rid of all the technical issues. 


TheOneSpy WhatsApp tracking app is compatible and very useful on all kinds of Android cellphones. Moreover, you can use its secretly on target device installed social messaging app because of its capacity to remain invisible no matter what if target phone is running with OS version 10. 

How WhatsApp monitoring app is beneficial?

Apart from its user-friendliness, hundreds of powerful features, and its effectiveness, you can use it for the safety of the children obsessed with social media. You can protect children from online bullying, privacy sharing, and many more. You can use it as employees spying software to track WhatsApp activities of employees in working hours. You can prevent leakage of secret documents, time-wasting activities on the social messaging app, and many others. 

How to get WhatsApp spy software? 

If you want to know about the activities kids and teens are doing on their mobile phone installed the instant messaging app, then you need to go to the webpage of TheOneSpy. When you are the webpage get the subscription instantly. Moreover, you need to go to your email account inbox and get the credentials that you have received. Once you have got the credentials via subscription perform the following mentioned steps.

Step1: Get Physical access to cellphone device

Now you need to get access to the target device no matter what. In addition to that, start the process of installation and complete the setup on the target device. However, you can also hide its icon on the target device for secret surveillance of kid’s social media activities.

Step2: Activate the web control panel

Now get credentials and use it to get access to the online web portal. Further, you can get access to its features that enable you to monitor kid’s activities on WhatsApp. Let’s get to know about the tool that enables you to get the job done and proves that it is beneficial for the users to the fullest. 

Use TheOneSpy features to spy on WhatsApp messenger 

Live screen recorder

It is a powerful tool that you can use via an online web portal and get access to the target mobile device installed on the social media app. You can perform the live recording of the screen when the user is up to WhatsApp. You can record all the activities kids are doing in terms of short back to back videos of the screen and deliver to the online dashboard.

IM’s logs

You can get the logs of the instant messaging app running on the kid’s cellphone in terms of message, chat, audio-video calls, and voice messages.

WhatsApp VoIP call recording

You can use it to record the audio voice calls on WhatsApp messenger using the VoIP call recording app.


TheOneSpy is the best cellphone spying app that empowers you to make sure kid’s safety on WhatsApp to the fullest. 


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