Interesting facts about sports bettors in the U.S.

It’s been more than a year since the United States Federal Government has repealed the ban on sports betting. This has resulted in the shaping of a gambler friendly sports betting market with 9 states already legalising sports betting while another 8 are in the process.

Whether you are a sports bettor or an investor who speculates on how big this market is going to be in the U.S., there are some interesting facts about sports betting in the U.S. that you mU.S.t know.

We have curated these interesting facts in this post just for you.

#1. Basketball is the most popular sports among first-time sports bettors

The reason why basketball is so popular among first-time bettors is that there are more basketball games in America than any other sports. Professional and college basketball games are extremely popular in the sports betting markets. Any operator trying to enter the U.S. sports betting space must have a plan to attract the basketball fans.

#2. 25% of new bets are placed in-game

A quarter of novice bettors are interested in in-play events which is why any sportsbook operating in the American markets will have to provide in-game betting.

After the withdrawal of PASPA, the sports betting market in the U.S. is changing which is resulting in focus more on mobile platforms. If you aim to attract a new generation of sports bettors in the coming years, try offering exciting in-game playing functionality. The reason in-game betting experience is so unique is that it makes continuous betting possible along with building on the live experience.

#3. U.S. bettors stake 40% more than U.K bettors

As compared to the U.K. sports betting market, the bet size in the U.S. is significantly higher. There can be several reasons as to why there is almost 40% higher bettors’ stake in the American sports betting markets.

Effective exchange rates can be a reason that inflates the U.S. bettors’ stake. Another reason can be the bonus function that sportsbooks use to acquire players can cause the numbers to rise. Whatever may be the reason, but a bet size gap of over 40% indicates that the U.S. market is ready to embrace a new wave of sports betting markets.

Kiosks are preferred over a teller by the U.S. bettors 

In the U.S., 75% of the bets placed in the retail markets are via kiosk technology at self-servicing terminals.

According to the market experts, the reason for the high volume of kiosk users can be the intimidation factor involved with placing bets via a teller. Especially, first-time gamblers are unsure of what they are doing which keeps them from interacting with tellers.

This is why offering kiosks that have the same range of betting alternatives as provided with online betting sites like BetJoe should be able to get a lot of revenue.

Parlay bets are more popular in the U.S. than the U.K. 

As compared to the U.K. markets, the punters in the U.S. have played parlays at a higher rate. Over 60% of sports bettors in the U.S. put parlay wagers as compared to 50% in the U.K.

Contrary to popular belief, the sports bettors in the U.S. are not interested in only single wagers and pre-match bets.


This is what you need to know about sports betting markets in the U.S. Hope these facts will help you to become a profitable operator.


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