Industrial oven applications: understanding what you need and the critical importance of seamless integration

Industrial ovens are an essential requirement for a wide range of manufacturing purposes. Whether for paint curing, food processing, curing adhesives, chemical processing, electronics or pharmaceutical applications, industrial ovens are used in a plethora of industries.

Of course, these industries have widely different requirements, whether that relates to the size of the materials or products to be heated, the temperature requirements for those products or the manufacturing and process stages required to be addressed (for example batch, or continuous heating requirements).

There are also material differences in the type and availability of heating sources for ovens – whether electricity, gas or steam, for example. The temperatures required for any particular application may well influence this decision, with ovens requiring solutions that can heat anywhere from close to ambient temperature (for drying requirements, for example) up to very high temperatures for curing purposes.

Other considerations that come into play when designing and commissioning an industrial oven include the correct airflow and temperature control and sensitivity.

Finally, the way in which the industrial oven is placed in the context of overall work and process flows is critical to get right in order to maximise efficiency and ensure high quality outcomes.

As with any other industrial process, it is essential that an industrial oven is fit for purpose, delivers the required outcomes and results in the highest quality production while also integrating seamlessly with the overall manufacturing or industrial process. That means, if you need to introduce or upgrade industrial heating plant, it is essential to engage with industry experts that understand what is required and can help you from th start of the planning process through to delivery of the final solution.

DRYSYS is one of the few leading industrial oven manufacturers to provide high quality, efficient and safe built-to-order industrial ovens, in Australia. As leaders in bespoke engineering, our clients trust us for designing, constructing, testing, and commissioning industrial ovens that integrate seamlessly with existing production lines. 

DRYSYS caters for a wide range of industrial heating requirements, and develops and commissions customised oven solutions including laboratory, bench, batch, continuous process, and walk-in ovens. Our sectoral experience includes aerospace, automobile, defence, plastics, metal components, composite materials, and finishing & powder coating.

With our broad industrial experience, we recognise that one size simply does not fit all. Every product, industry and manufacturer has specific heat treatment requirements and our expertise driven, client-focused approach ensures that our custom-built solutions are designed and commissioned with the client’s requirements foremost in mind. Customisations can include direct or indirect gas burners, catalytic panel heaters (infrared gas) or electric element heaters. Other options include radiant walls, and energy saving turbulator technology, which also provides a very accurate and stable temperature throughout the oven.

Importantly, when you choose to partner with DRYSYS we take the time to understand what your specific requirements are. And our team of experts can provide everything from design through to build and installation of your industrial heating requirements, with ongoing support.


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