If purchasing a brand-new spray booth or curing oven isn’t possible right now, we can still help you improve your facilities.

Investing in quality, bespoke machinery can enhance the performance of your business across areas of your production line and your eventual outputs and also enhances reliability and efficiency. Whether your business handles manufacturing or re-finishing bespoke, high-quality spray paint booths and curing ovens can be advantageous to your overall production, as long as you are working alongside a trusted bespoke engineering company. 

However, financing an investment such as a custom spray paint booth, or a bespoke curing oven isn’t always possible for a business. While you might assume from this point that there is nothing left you can do to improve your existing machinery, until you are able to buy new machinery, you would be wrong. 

Trusted Australian engineering companies such as DRYSYS Spray-Cure can still help you to improve your existing paint finishing facilitates through expansions and upgrades. Expanding and upgrading your existing machinery can allow your business to still reap some of the benefits from brand new machinery, while only spending within your limits. 

These upgrades can include optimising airflow systems, expanding manufacturing spray booths, upgrading curing oven systems, installing conveyor systems, automating production lines, supervisory control systems.

While there are many reasons that you may want to upgrade or expand any machinery within your business, here are the three main reasons why businesses might consider such upgrades: 

Comply With Health And Safety Standards

Health and safety standards are continuously improved and updated to work alongside of new machinery and upgrades. This means that over time your machinery might still work incredibly but may no longer meet the necessary Australian and New Zealand health and safety standards. Having DRYSYS Spray-Cure upgrade or optimise your current system, can also ensure that it meets all current, necessary safety standards. It is a great way to still utilise machinery that is still working well, but only needs to be slightly adjusted to continue meeting standards. 

Automate To Improve Efficiency 

Automation can speed up and improve the overall process of operations. This in turn can have a transformative impact on revenue and work quality. This is because automation can eliminate operational inefficiencies that can hurt revenue and waste time. Upgrading your machinery to automate certain actions, is a cost effective and innovative solution that can assist a business to operate to the best of their ability. 

Lower Energy Consumption

Technology is an incredible aspect of modern society and through continuous improvement in the speed and efficiency, it can improve business outcomes drastically. However, as technology has improved it can now be so efficient that it will lower the amount of energy that machinery needs to function.  You can have your facility upgraded so that even if it is an older model, it can be improved so that it has a lower energy consumption. Many businesses are looking to be more environmentally friendly, and consuming less energy is a great way to start. Also consuming less energy, reduces operating costs, which is a great plus.

All businesses will have their own reasons for wanting to upgrade or expand their existing machinery. Whatever the reason, it is a great way to improve your business processes and outcomes, without completely replacing your machinery if that isn’t possible, due to a multitude of reasons. DRYSYS Spray-cure can assist you with all of your upgrade and expansion needs. As a leader in their field, DRYSYS can provide unbeatable services and can provide tailored solutions to fit your individual requirements. Remember, if purchasing a brand-new spray booth or curing oven isn’t possible for you right now, DRYSYS Spray-Cure can still help you improve your facilities, through expansion and upgrades.


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