How to select a washing machine according to family size?

A washing machine is one of the most vital home appliances that you can buy today. It saves your time and efforts that you typically spend on washing clothes. 

The best part is that anyone can go ahead and start washing clothes in it. It comes with smooth operation, and the washing procedures become dead easy if you buy a fully automatic device. 

But what are the factors to consider that may help you bring home a washing machine as per your family size? Go through this washing machine buying guide and explore!  

  1. Choose between types of washing machines 

The first thing is selecting a washing machine variant that may suit your needs and budget. You will come across a semi automatic and fully automatic washing machine. A semi automatic washing machine is an affordable option. It comes with two separate drums – one for washing and one for drying. Once the washing part is done, you need to take out the clothes and transfer into the drying drum. Hence, a semi automatic washing machine needs supervision. But if you have budget constraints, have water supply issues in your area, and a couple or a family of 2-3 members, it is good. On the other hand, a fully automatic washing machine comes with one drum for washing and drying. It means once the washing part is done, the drying of clothes starts automatically. You don’t need to supervise the clothes washing. You can continue with your other works, and your clothes will be cleaned and dried easily. However, it an expensive alternative than a semi automatic one and consumes more water to finish a wash cycle. If you don’t have time to supervise laundry and no water issues in your area, then you can go for a fully automatic washing machine. 

  1. The capacity of washing machines

The next thing that you need to consider the capacity of the washing machine that you want to buy, which is measured in kilograms. Have a look at the breakup: 

  • 5 Kg – You can wash 2 shirts, trousers, pillowcases and towels, including 1 bed sheet at a time in this type. 
  • 7 Kg – You can wash 3 shirts, trousers, 2 pillowcases and towels, including 1 bed sheet at a time in this variant. 
  • 10 Kg – You can wash 3 shirts, trousers, 6 pillowcases and towels, including 2 bed sheets at a time in this option. 

Based on your family size, you can easily decide what capacity of the washing machine will suit you. 

  1. Washing programs 

The washing machines of these days are smart to help you wash all kinds of clothes without affecting its fabric quality wash after wash. You can pick a washing machine that comes with multiple wash programs like: 

  • Quick wash – You can wash clothes in a short time span in 15 to 30 minutes. 
  • Daily wash – It is for regular washing and uses less water and time for items that you wash daily. 
  • Pre-soak – If you have heavily soaked clothes, then you can use this program that will soak and then agitate the clothes before beginning the normal cycle. You also operate a wash cycle as per the specific fabric that you may have for durability. 
  1. Comparing models and shopping around 

A key factor that may help you buy the best priced washing machines with amazing features is shopping around. You can do that by landing on a third-party website and picking up a washing machine model that matches your needs and budget the best. 

Based on the points covered in this washing machine buying guide, you can assess your needs and purchase one easily. You can also buy a washing machine on EMI by spreading the cost over a tenor and paying only fixed EMIs to save big on the purchase.   


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