How to Motivate Yourself to Skill Up During Covid-19 Lockdown

As many of us are waiting for the pandemic to pass, a large number of people have made themselves busy by using the time to build their skill set. The idea of building a new skill looks promising, but with so much going around, somewhere you may lose the will to do nothing more with your life. Several people have lost their loved ones and are facing depression, while others are in the fear of staying safe from the virus. With so much going around, upskilling yourself may seem like the last thing on your plate, but trust us, it is not. 

The world is not coming to an end and with so many different companies coming up with vaccination, things seem to be going back to normal, though it may take 6-12 months more. This means you have a set number of months to learn something new and push your career forward. 

Here are a few tips that will motivate you to upskill yourself. 

1. Get Dressed in Formals:

One of the biggest reasons why you feel dull while working or learning from home is your dressing style at home. Most people work from home wearing their comfortable pajamas, which makes them feel lethargic and lazy. Such clothes will push you into your comfort zone, and your brain does not get into the work or learning mode. Dressing up formally every morning before you start your official routine will restart the productive part of your brain and you will feel motivated to do more with your professional life. 

2. Straighten Up Your Home:

While you spend most of your day at your home, a cluttered home clutters your mind, making you sluggish. A cluttered mind cannot focus on the important aspects of life. Clean your home and always work or learn from a home-office space so you can drive yourself to think professionally. You need not rent a room to make an office but use corner space in your hall room or bedroom and create a small office space for yourself

3. Create a Career Board:

Just like the mood board, create a board where you put up visual elements that represent where you wish to be a few years from now career wise. This will motivate you to take up the courses that will help you reach your goal. We are not asking you to splurge a huge sum and join a course but you can take u free courses like learn Social Media for free in order to stand out in your professional career. 

4. Avoid Watching Excess News:

It is advisable to stay away from depressing information and the news channels mostly talk about the negatives that the pandemic is causing. You should get an update every day to know what is going around but avoid spending more than 30 minutes to do so.

The Bottom Line:

Do not forget to be socially connected with your loved ones, as sometimes a simple video call can help you boost your mood and push you to be maximum productive. 


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