How to Distinguish your Custom Soap Packaging from the Competition?

Today, custom soap packaging is among the most important components of the buying process. Why? About 64% of the consumers divulged that sometimes they purchase a product without having any prior knowledge about it because they loved the packaging. Another study by Pro Carton found that consumers think product packaging is one of the critical elements for a marketing campaign.  

But why customers consider packaging an essential part of marketing? Well, 68% of them believe that a premium or gift-like packaging makes a brand look more upscale. Clearly, this shows that your custom soap boxes have to stand out and look good in a retail store. Else, you would not be able to see the sales you’re expecting.

Here are some effective ways to differentiate your custom soap box packaging from the immediate competition. 

Study Your Ideal Customers

The first step to distinguish your bespoke packaging boxes from the herd is by getting to know your audience. Of course, blending in various design elements can give you delightful packaging that will draw eyeballs. An imaginative and creative graphic designer can carve a beautiful container for your soaps. But there is no point in making all the effort if you end up drawing the wrong audience.

For instance, if you have soaps for children, but they come in sleek and sexy packaging, it will give the impression that the encased product is designed for an executive. If that’s the case, then revisit your custom soap box design before its too late. To get your packaging right, study your target audience, and understand who they are and what they want. It will clear the clutter and show you the right course. 

Simple is Better than Complex

To avoid complexity, one should keep things simple. This concept was first coined by US Navy back in the 1960s. The idea was to remind the recruits that simple systems work better. And this holds true for the packaging. If you are going to overload your custom soap packaging with too many design elements and hues, you will end up shipping boxes that will not resonate with your customers.   

Instead of adding too many elements, try to persist with a minimalist and straightforward design that is in line with what your customers expect from the industry. Remember, all you need is a packaging that will grasp your customers’ attention, rather than being pointed out as the odd one out on the retail shelf.

Avoid DIY Unless You’re a Professional

Doing it yourself might sound easy and cheap, but it won’t help you draw the eyeballs. No matter how terrific your soaps may be, if your packaging isn’t at par with the product, onlookers will not throw it in their cart. Sure, it seems like an extra expenditure, but time and again, we have seen that custom soap box packaging turned out to be an investment that has a high ROI.

With the help of a professional packaging manufacturer like the Legacy Printing, you can design and craft a compelling packaging solution that will jump off the shelf faster. Most of all, the investment will pay off in the long run by giving you the sales every business long for.

Engage Customers with Effective Imagery

Opting for a minimalist design doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate captivating imagery in your packaging. After all, a picture can paint a thousand words. And it seems indispensable to use effective imagery when you know that buyers only take a few seconds to browse the shelf.

With useful illustrations, you can instantly pique customers’ interest and draw them towards your soaps. Mind you, a wall of text cannot do this job. Only a relevant image has the power to send the right message. 


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