How are head shavers a better option than razors?

By | July 14, 2022

Men’s head-shaving has been a part of society since time immemorial due to various reasons. Men had time and again shaved their heads for either medical, genetic, or religious causes and have depended on the traditional razor for the completion of the task. Conventional razors had been around for a long time and have successfully delivered the requirement of shaving beards or hair. However, in the modern world where convenience and comfort matter the most, conventional razors are gradually replaced by the Electric Head Shaver for their functional features and ease of use. 

Although razors were more than enough to shave and shave with precision, they had certain setbacks that are successfully surmounted by the Head Shaver. Head shavers are developed over time keeping in mind the cons of the razor and are designed to fit the needs of modern man. 

Electric shavers, just as the name suggests are shavers that run either on a cord connection or by the frequently charged battery. Some electric shavers support both types of use for convenience. However, when comparing the conventional razor and electric shavers, you must know that electric shavers were designed as an up gradation to the razors and so the features are going to be more user-friendly and convenient to use. However, just in case you are confused about which one to opt for your grooming sessions then have a look at these comparisons that can help in making the right choice.

Money: Well, money plays an important role in all our decisions and to be more precise it is one of the most important deciding factors in case of a purchase. Although the initial cost of an electric shaver is higher than the manual razor, however, what can affect your decision is that in the long run, it saves a lot of money. Manual razors require regular refilling of the cartridges which can eventually cost you more. Moreover, with proper care and maintenance, an electric shaver can last for years thus making your investment fruitful and effective.


Speed: This is a fact that electric instruments are time-saving, and so is an electric shaver. In the case of a manual razor, it requires a longer preparation time and also takes longer to shave as you need to shave a spot multiple times. And for a smooth and hairless dome, it would take longer than you can imagine to get the finest result. However, an Electric Head Shaver firstly does not require any prep time, and besides the mechanism of cutting the hair by rolling up the skin that forces the hair up to cut makes the shaving efficient. So, it doesn’t take long as you don’t need to go over the same spot multiple times and you are done even before you know it. 


Comfort: Comfort was probably the first reason that went into the designing and making of the electric shavers. Unlike manual razors, they ensure that no harm or injury like nicks or cuts is part of the shaving regime. Electric shavers are designed to smoothly glide through the contours of the head, face, and neck to provide an efficient and effortless shaving experience. Electric shavers are successful in providing a comfortable shaving experience along with being irritation-free. Besides, you also do not have to give up on wet shaving, if that comforts you the most, as most electric shavers are now made to be waterproof.


Versatility: The Electric Head Shaver is designed to fit in all shaving environments, either wet or dry, so you can use them according to your convenience and comfort. Moreover, it also gives you the freedom to shave with or without using foam. The dry shaving option is something that is quite a grooming hack as you can fix your appearance anytime and anywhere. Besides, these shavers come equipped with a kit and are versatile enough to shave the head, face, moustache, sideburns, etc, which the manual razor is incapable to do. 


Portable: Although both manual razors and electric shavers are portable instruments, however, the ease of use in any place is not something that the manual razor can offer. Since the electric shavers come with long-life chargeable batteries so are safe to use anywhere even without any prep and are also travel friendly.

Bottom Line:

The verdict is out and the choice is for you to make whether you would want to go for a manual razor or a Head Shaver. The shaving habits of men vary from one another and so is the comfort of using a particular shaving tool, but remember when making the switch between the tools, you must give at least a month for your skin to adjust. However, considering the long history that manual razors have and the popularity with which they survived the generations, one cannot outwardly deny their efficiency. But when considering the pros that electric shavers bring with them they outweigh the manual shaver and that can also be found in the huge popularity that electric shavers have games over the last few years. Moreover, the pandemic and the self-grooming sessions that people had acquired have an important role to play in the rising sales of electric shavers.


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