Handy Looks at Ways to Protect Yourself as a Driver


Every year, thousands of people die due to road accidents, and many more get injured or disabled for life. According to Handy, everybody should drive responsibly and follow good driving practices to prevent accidents and avoid injuring other people. You should always remain alert on the road and never drive a car or any other vehicle under the influence of a narcotic. 

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips you can follow to protect yourself as a driver:

1. Keep a safe distance while driving behind other vehicles – Tailing a vehicle too closely is very risky as a sudden stop due to them braking can force you to crash into the automobile. However, if you maintain a safe distance it becomes much easier for you to maneuver your vehicle to a safe spot or brake safely even when the vehicles in front of you come to a sudden stop. A good rule is to maintain a distance where it would take your car 4-5 seconds to reach the vehicle in front when driving at your current speed.

2. Be careful of tailgaters – Some drivers have no sense of safety or lack the knowledge of good driving etiquettes. They tail your car too closely and often, it causes accidents. However, you can avoid such a fate by being sensible. Never break your car suddenly if you find yourself in such situations. It is best to slow down your car to pull over momentarily so that the tailgater can pass you. If it is not possible, try to increase the distance between you and the person behind you.

3. Minimize distractions to stay focused – To stay safe while driving, you have to dedicate your complete attention to the activity. That means if you have to make or receive a call, don’t do it while driving, especially if you are cruising at a high-speed. It is much safer to pull over your vehicle to the side of the road when you need to call someone or receive a call. Also, if you are talking to somebody on the passenger seat, never turn your head to speak while driving. 

4. Stay aware of blind spots – Every vehicle has blind spots that cannot be covered by the mirrors. So, be aware of these locations to stay extra careful. It’s a good habit to look over your shoulder before changing lanes. You must also realize that other vehicles also have blind spots that you need to assess and stay out of to avoid accidents. This is especially true for large vehicles such as trucks.


Handy suggests that you assume the worst from drivers to avoid unexpected troubles. After all, it is always better safe than sorry. If you notice that the driver around or in front of you is distracted or driving recklessly, try to slow down to increase your distance from their vehicles. Always look ahead and try to scan for bad road conditions, traffic halts, and jaywalkers. Lastly, always keep your vehicle in good condition to prevent disastrous breakdowns.


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