Guide to Online Review Management

There are dozens of websites that customers can post online reviews of your business, and it is hard to manage them all without review management tools. Where you do you begin? Whether you are a new business or you are an established business new to internet review management, this technique can help you organize, better and manage your internet reviews. With a plan in place, you can control the talk customers are having about you and ensure your happy customers are heard.

Established businesses

If you are a developed business, you may find that you already have a number of right online reviews across a big range of sites. After all, you have been around this long because you do a best job, and customers like you. In this case, you may want to take a nearer look at the ROI of internet reputation management. Your technique can forever be powerful, and you can get more customers with a well-placed internet reviews. To begin your internet review management process, look for gaps in your techniques. If you do not have a site, Facebook page, or other top online listings, these should be your first choice.

New businesses

New businesses may find few match outcomes to begin. A clean website is best, you have the chance to control the talk around your business. You will want to prioritize the best spots on the SERP.  Ideally, there will be your site, Google Business listing, and Facebook page. You can control some parts of what happens on your Facebook page and Google business listing, and every aspect of your site, so ensure this information is right and your SEO is best. If you do not have any reviews in these locations, this is a best place to begin.

Gather more online reviews

Now that you have the detail you need, you will need to get extra online reviews on your top-priority websites. Make a plan to combine more testimonials and direct customers to the website to post their reviews. There are many ways to do this, and which you pick will depend on where you want to combine more reviews and how you top interact with your customers. Here are a few techniques you can ask for reviews:

  • Automated email campaign
  • Facebook campaign
  • Giveaway or contest
  • Other unconventional ways

Manage your online reviews

If you have some reviews coming in via emails, some on Facebook, some on YouTube, and a number of other locations or just trying to get Angie’s List reviews, it is going to get hard to manage. Target your reviews into one simple-to-use platform, and ensure customers know where to go to submit them. If you use customer review software, you can request, approve, gather and display video and text testimonials all in one place. You will also want to use a platform that connects with your Facebook Page, WordPress site, for online reviews from one location, but use them in many different ways.

Today, businesses are searching for customer bases across a wide range of demographics. To realize this goal, they must use their marketing strategies on various platforms. For instance, a realtor will want to advertise to say people between 28-40 who tend to have established a good bank account and are ready to buy. This is one of the areas where reviews come in handy. So look for a good, flexible customer review website that you can use to help you achieve this.