Get to know about top 13 effective uses of witch hazel

Many of you may know about this magical product, but if you don’t know, then you are at the right place because we are going to share some practical uses of witch hazel. It’s a common natural product available at every drugstore known as one of the useful first aid tools. It is produced from leaves of witch hazel plant and widely used in medicines and mostly combine and diluted with alcohol for different products. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and majority brands use this in their products for disinfection as well. Here we are going to share its surprising uses, and by reading the blog, you are rushing to market for having this product.

Facial cleanser

It can be used as powerful facial cleanser. It removes excessive oil and doesn’t leave your skin dry. It is effective for all type of skin whether you have normal, dry, oily or sensitive skin. It is effective for cleaning skin pores and taking out excess oil. 

Acne treatment

Witch hazel has tannin which has antioxidant properties for cleaning of the skin and shrinking the skin pores. Don’t go for harsh acne formulas because those products may leave your skin in trouble, so use this gentle and non-drying formula for cleansing acne. Just apply directly with the help of cotton and tissue. You would see the effective results within days but trust me the results will be long lasting and leave you speechless.

Effective under-eye bags

We all are so busy in our hectic routines and don’t have time for personal skincare. It causes severe under-eye bags. Use witch hazel to tighten up the skin, which is quite useful and reduce the under-eye bags. Various eye creams have included this common primary ingredient. You can directly apply this cream over the eye area.

Treats dry skin

In winters, we mostly have to face dry skin issues because of dehydration and people who drink alcohol a lot; they also face itchiness everywhere on the body. First, they need to skip the alcohol or if they are into this abuse for so long then try out alcohol rehab programs because witch hazel may not be for them. Everyone need to hydrate themselves with plenty of water intake and apply witch hazel of affected area after a shower, so moisture penetrated the skin effectively.

Prevents inflammation

People who have inflammatory skin type they need this magical product because it prevents sunburn and reduces the peeling and flaking in less time. All you need to do is to soak a cloth in the witch hazel and let it soak for some minutes and then apply it over the skin because people face this type of sunburn issues after post work out. Try out this remedy and do let us know.

Give relief from bug bites

Do you know witch hazel works best for treating bug bites? It has anti-inflammatory properties, so it gives you relief from bug bites. Apply witch hazel with a cotton ball directly to the affected area. It gives you relief from fleas, flies and insects.

Prevent stretch marks

Pregnant women can also use witch hazel to prevent stretch marks so it can be used to tighten the excessive skin. It is a useful thing for hiding all types of scars and stretch marks so if you are facing these issues so much then try this tip you would see long-lasting results.

Household cleaner

Witch hazel is one of the effective household cleaners that can be used in a combination of lemon juice and baking soda. Are you looking for an eco-friendly cleaning solution for bathrooms and mirrors? It works as alcohol-based cleaners because it also leaves the mirrors sparkling clean and germ-free. People who were looking for a cleaner which has wonderful cleaning properties they need to take ½ cup of witch hazel with 1 gallon of warm water and clean the entire surface of their home with this mixture. It won’t leave any streaks that majority chemicals leave.

Scalp cleaner

Majority shampoos and conditioners have witch hazel in great amount because it’s super effective for the people who have eczema and dandruff. Massage scalp with this liquid and wash your hair and scalp. You would see the result because dandruff and eczema cause hair fall and might you people have used so many other products but this one is quite effective. 

Good for a better mood

Just imagine right after the busy routine you need a fresh feeling. Just combine this with a few drops of essential oil for a better mood. Use this in air fresheners and spray it all around the place for fresh and aromatic feeling. Choose essential oils of your choice such as lavender, lemon and cedar and put in the air freshener bottle. It will boost your mood automatically.

Heal sore throats and gums

Witch hazel is best for shrinking and healing sore throats. Make witch hazel infused tea with cloves and do gargles. You would feel better. People who have swollen gums issues can also take benefits from this.

Get rid of body acne

Body acne is a severe issue, and people who are having this they want to get rid of this. Mix hazel with rose water and apply it as a toner. It treats acne-prone skin very well. 

Relieve diaper rash

For all those mommies who are very much worried about their baby’s rash, they shouldn’t worry now. Apply witch hazel distillate with a cotton ball and see the immediate results within a few days. Try this out you would be amazed.

These are some great uses of Witch hazel. You may have come across various products, including this ingredient so after knowing these excellent uses its time to bring this magic home and enjoy its benefits. If you have already kept this somewhere in home for first aid, then take out and use it. Trust me, it is going to solve so many issues of you. Do let us know how you used this. 


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