Flavoursome cakes from vanilla to kit kat

Sweetness is a must in life, be it amongst people, be it your food craving or the sweetness in your relationships, it’s all about the sugar in life. And when you aim to mix some sugar in your life, you have to do it right. Sweets are long lost, the new trending sweet dish is undoubtedly creamy and icy cakes. Check out the new varieties emerged in the market and available online. Eggless butterscotch cake, chocolate caramel cake, theme cakes, photo cakes, fondant icing cakes, like cakes, crunchy and nutty cakes are the new diverse one’s to name a few. 

Let’s pledge to make cakes a regular part of our life be it to bribe our loved ones or celebrate birthdays; it should begin with a cake. Here are a few flavours to opt from:

  • A simple vanilla cake

Probably the most simple one to make and even simpler to order, a plain vanilla cake is also a big-time choice for everyone who is thinking of ordering a cake. Be it a celebration with the oldies or a theme-based party with white decor; vanilla plays the ace card. The passion for gulping a vanilla flavoured icing can’t be compromised with any flavour entering the market. 

  • Chocolate caramel cake

Let’s top-up to a chocolate caramel cake that is the goodness of sugar in all bites and a popular in-demand item too. Special favourites to the females, they are willing to give up their diets and regimes for something as scrumptious as a chocolate caramel cake, and it is simply adorable. Baking a caramel or a chocolate cake can be slightly time-consuming, which is why online is always a preference. 

  • Chocolate coconut cake 

A wildly experimental and adventurous cake variety begins with a chocolate coconut cake. With a combination of flavours of coconut and chocolate, it is sure to set your heart on fire. The crisp of the coconut and the texture in your mouth is the unrealistic taste you have been looking for and this distinguished aroma and feel what brings this cake dish to the top of the list. 

  • Red velvet cake

This one is known to most people now and has frequently become the prior choice of people everywhere, especially those who wish to opt for something out of the box and delicious. The newness of red velvet cake is what makes it a go-go choice. With increasing popularity and availability even in cupcake size, you can never go wrong with your choice for one like a red velvet cake

  • Coffee flavoured cake

Probably the most mouth-watering name in the list the coffee cake is a sure shot hit choice for everyone who likes either coffee or cake and with the two blasting items coming together with all others options just fainted. You will be blinded by this enormously fantastic cake and would never want to move on from such a deity; you just have to try it once and leave the rest to it. 

  • Butterscotch cake 

You don’t need to doubt this one; it is butterscotch, and you have obviously tried it at least once in your life. When you are in a place where there is little space for experiment, butterscotch is your safety net with which there is very little chance for you to go wrong. Coming slightly in the league of vanilla and also tilting a hot in the exotic one’s butterscotch is in the right spot for you to pick.

  • Kit kat cake 

The last and certainly not the least in the category of versatile cakes, the kit kat cake is one scrumptious flavour you can’t look away from. It is about the beauty and the fragrance, the icing and the bread and everything else about this cake appeals and convinces you to dove right in and start gulping as soon as you lay your eyes on it. The crispy crust of the chocolate and the softness of cream and bread the combination itself makes you go mmmm. 

Reading this much about cakes and deities you must be drooling. Well, you have been familiarised with all the rocking flavours without further ado get going and begin celebrating. Even if there is no reason at all, the cake is enough reason for you to celebrate your day. 

Alexa Josh

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