Why Earthlink Webmail is not Working on iOS

By | July 15, 2022


With so many webmail services available for the users, Earthlink Webmail is convenient for users to be operated on various devices especially mobile devices and it has simpler features and an easy process to operate.

Easy Login Steps for Earthlink Email

Earthlink webmail is American based webmail. It has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia U.S.

Earthlink Webmail login steps are easy and simpler for the users to operate, Earthlink login steps using IMAP are:

  1. On the Outlook window in the upper left corner of the screen, users would be able to view the Files option, and click on that.
  2. Users would be asked to enter the email address and then click on the connect option
  3. Since this process is Earthlink login through IMAP, users can witness the IMAP option on the upcoming screen and then select it.
  4. Users can add the required detail such as imap.earthlink.net. And then with the completion of all steps click on the next button visible on the screen.


While operating their webmail, if users face the Earthlink problems. They can try various methods and techniques to get rid of the error but before that users must understand the reason for the occurrence of the Earthlink webmail issues. The Website of the Earthlink webmail is www.earthlink.net., users can go to this website.


  • There are many items when users can notice that the Earthlink webmail server is down and it can be because of various causes. In this case, users can either wait for the server to be back or contact the customer care service to know the next step to solving the issue of Earthlink not working.
  • Even though Earthlink webmail is a secure webmail service, there is still a possibility that the user is having Earthlink webmail issues because the user’s Earthlink webmail got hacked. Users can avoid the occurrence of this error by installing anti-virus software or keeping the updated version of the browser if operating on the app or installing an app-security- check program installed on the device to operate secured Earthlink mail on the app.
  • Most basic and expected Earthlink not working among all the reasons could be poor internet and network connection, for this would be advisable to the user to restart the internet connection or restart the device on which Earthlink webmail is operating.
  • Common mistake that many users have made is entering of invalid username or password that doesn’t support the Earthlink webmail account of the user which can lead to Earthlink email problems. The best solution for this would be to keep the username & password safe for correct future reference.
  • When users have Earthlink webmail issues it can be because of incorrect email settings which could have caused the error. Users can make changes from the settings option to check and verify the setting which is causing the error.

WAYS TO SOLVE Earthlink Webmail Issues on iPhone:

Given below are the steps to fix the Earthlink email problems on iPhone are:

Users can try solving the error by turning off the SSL option. SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) is meant for the security & protection of the data sent from the device to the mail server, to let it reach safely to the receiver without being encrypted.


The steps to turn off the SSL are simple and easy, users can try them to solve the Earthlink Webmail Problems. You can also share this informative article with your office colleagues, friends and family who might be facing the same Earthlink mail issues.

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