Draw A Howling Wolf Easy Step By Step For Beginners

Draw A Howling Wolf

Draw A Howling Wolf

Draw nose

We are going to start we’re going to start to draw a howling wolf with this line that runs on the top of his head up to his nose right. So, it’s his forehead, and that curves around his eyebrow and then goes off towards his nose. We’ll start with a line a diagonal line coming and kind of hairy so it’s spiking. It’s like a diagonal line going up towards the corner part of your page well left at the corner. It’s darting here and then up this way now this is going to curve around. So, it’s going to curve around and under there is where the eye is so that’s like the eyebrow.

So, then this curve and then occurs off up this way towards the top of his nose. We’re going to go off-diagonal to here right now so the nose is around here so we’ll do a curved line. Then this comes up a bit longer follow in that same direction and then this is not a curve around the top of his nose.

Draw mouth

So, we’re going to curve this down. This is going to come back up and up towards the nose and join that line together. Now our drawing is looking like cool drawing ideas. It’s kind of a bumpy line because it’s got various pieces of skin and stuff on his nose. So that is nostrils it’s in here then curving around. The nose has two sides to it so you do a line up here coming up the middle of his nose. We have like about be line with a weird thing on the end so this is going to come down. So, we’re going to do a line down from this middle of the nose here. Then this is going to have a curve on top. We’ll bring the other side of his snout back in here so now this then we come down to his mouth.

We’re going to do the other side of his mouth here and then his bottom jaw comes across from here. So, coming out from this line we have this bottom lip kind of here. This curves around for his chin and that this is going to come down all the way down. His neck and neck fur and then off the bottom of the page so this can be like furry hairy bumpy. The line coming all the way down then you can get Perry’s ego down. The mouth is Derek you can call it that in and the nostril be dark as well all right. So, we’ll finish this side of his head so we have the ear so this at the back of his head. His ear will come out in this area with another little bump.

We’re going to draw the top of his ear here and then this comes back down. We have that inner part of the ear so it’s another curving line that follows that shape of the ear again. It’s a hairier sort of line down here and another hairy kind of line above. Its furry sort of ear this then has a bit of hair on the bottom zigzagging sort of lines on the bottom. Draw a howling wolf the top of his head and then his neck for at the back so we had spiking hairy lines coming. The back of his neck all the way down off the page there so now we have the shape for the head. So now we can start adding some details like the eyes, ears, and hair.

Draw eye

So, imagine it comes around here and we have a curved line that comes. It’s hairy coming all this way, coming in towards the ear and this goes up and, in the diagonal, making. Then we have the darker part the darker shade where the sound goes in. So, the whole of his ear and that’s darker inside all inside there. We can come up now and do the eye that’s right underneath this bump right so this bump here. We did at the start underneath there we have a closed all right so down underneath. So, we have a line that comes up diagonal here and now this will come back down. We’re going to close this off than at the bottom and then color this in black now.

There’s some detail around that eye. So, we can do a line here and then above that we have the wolf’s eyebrow. We have a hairy line above that for an eyebrow and there’s a little eyelid line here. Then under a furry eyebrow line above that carving off burn around. Then we can add a bit more detail then so we’ll add some furring my furry lines coming down around his eye. We can add some juice coming out from the corner of his eye here. The end of it coming down towards his ear this then comes down now to more furry lines. Will go around his neck down here so we’re spiking you don’t have to be too precious. It’s all work spikes hairy lines and then the big line up here.

Where his job starts to go up towards his mouth. So, it’s a thicker soda line and then we’ll do another layer. I hear closer to his eye so we’ll do some more hair spikes coming up and around here. So, we can have some details up around here. We had some more hairlines for our lines and up around his snout so there are those sorts of whisky. We can add a couple of dots coming down towards the eye. So, coming out from there towards the eye kind. We’ll make some hair or it’s kind of shade lines on this side coming out of his stash.

Draw color

Draw a howling wolf it’s darker as well and they make this look a bit hairy coming down towards his bottom. There is some hair on his bottom chin as well so making this a bit darker around this lip movie. Some whisker dots down here. We’re going to Daqing up this Knowles and leave some little bits white adding some lines to shade. Your coloring you could color it a different color as well and we’re going to add some fortress down here too. So, some lines coming down little lines and you could keep going for as long. As you wanted on this adding building it up sort of trying to suggest worn more fur

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