9 Domestic Airlines for Traveling in India

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Finally India has one of the fastest-growing. And the 9 Domestic Airlines for Traveling in India. And as well as aviation sectors in the world. This makes the first Indian aviation market. And the third-largest in the world. Initially, India has only government-owned airlines. Accordingly now many private players have also entered the business.

Furthermore about domestic airlines

Due to the competition between private and government-owned airlines. Most of their services are now affordable. As well as this competition has seriously changed the way domestic flights operate. Oh here is the list of some major domestic airlines in India are given below.

9 Domestic Airlines for Traveling in India

1. Indigo

Offers one of the best domestic flight services in India. It is also the largest airline in India by fleet size. As well as the company has around 47.5% market. And as well as capture of the Indian aviation sector. And as well as operates around 1500 flights every day. furthermore 87 destinations worldwide. that’s way another best thing about Indigo is that. It is also one of the cheapest flight service providers in India. According to indigo It also offers various deals and offers to its customers to save more in their bookings. 

2. Air India

Government-owned airline service. And It is also offers its service to around 102 destinations. Across the globe. And the company has a market share of about 18.6%. And also the largest international carrier of India. It allows the luggage capacity of 25 kg for the economy class. As well as which is the highest among all competitors. As it is owned by the government, it is the most affordable airline in India.

3. GoAir

low-cost airline which is owned by Wadia Group. It is also one of the largest airline service providers in India and has around 8.4% market share in the aviation sector. And The airline operates about 330 flights to over 36 destinations. Go Air is one of the best budget airlines in India for traveling. You can even use their Go CLUB membership that offers some premium services. The airline also offers various deals and discount codes like Goair promo code to save more on availing their services.

4. AirAsia India

Joint Venture of Tata Sons and Air Asia Investment Limited and has a market share of around 7.0%. And as well as Air Asia is the first foreign airline that has a subsidiary in India. If you are looking for budget-friendly airlines, then Air Asia is one of the best options. It is also known for its best hospitality service in India. The company has a fleet size of 30 and offers services to 21 destinations. They have the best brew service among all airline services. 

5. Spice Jet

The Spice Jet is one of the largest airlines in India that has a market share of 13.6%. It operates around 630 flights. And in every day to 64 national and international destinations. The airline also offers some premium services under the name of Spice Max. Another best part is that this airline also offers cargo service on the same flight. And the company sometimes offers various deals to let you save more on traveling with Spice Jet.

6. Vistara

Is also another joint venture of Tata Sons and has partnered with Singapore Airlines. It has a market share of 4.7% and became the sixth-largest domestic airline in India. As well as the airline has a fleet size of around 40 aircraft that offer service to 34 destinations. It has the best affordable rates and some premium service that makes it popular among domestic travelers.

7. Air India Express

Airline is a subsidiary of government-owned airline Air India. It operates around 649 flights Per week to over 33 international and national destinations. Air India Express mostly operates in the southern part of India and has its headquarters in Kochi, Kerala. It offers the most affordable domestic flight services in India. So the target of this airline is making connectivity between tier 2 cities with other nations.

8. Alliance Air

The Alliance Air was founded in 1996 as the subsidiary of Indian Airlines. As well as It is now owned by Air India and serves as an Indian regional airline. The airline primarily offers services to domestic routes. The airline connects small airports with all other major airports. And It has a fleet size of around 19 aircraft serving 64 destinations as of January 2020.  

9. Star Air

Star Air is also a regional airline that started its operation in January 2019. It is a small airline that has a fleet size of 3 aircraft. It offers flight service to around nine destinations and has headquarters at Kempegowda International Airport. And It also aims to connect the tired three cities to other major airports. The airline also promises to offer budget services to its customers.


India has a wide range of domestic airlines and as well as at affordable prices. Finally Plan your next trip on a budget with these domestic airlines. Always try to choose the best option. And the list offers you such options. As well as to travel within the country, these are the best to choose from. Also, try to travel safely in such a pandemic situation.



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