Different Ways To Recycle Old Clothes Nobody Told You

The moment we are done with our hair and makeup, we realize that we have nothing to wear. Isn’t it the biggest problem for girls? All the clothes bundled up on the floor and dying to see the daylight. Yet we are not able to find one perfect outfit from the pile of clothes. There are many ill-fitted or age-old clothes lying that we have memories with. These clothes are no longer beneficial to us. But are they? Yes! There are many ways to recycle your old clothing items and amp up their glamour quotient. 
Note: Don’t try these hacks with new clothing; our heart will ache to see the latest clothing getting cuts and stitches. Instead, make the tweaks when you are bored with them.

Ways to Recycle Old Clothes

  1. Lace it up

If you love the laces, then take out any of the crop tops or boring T-shirts. Gather black lace or one in contrast with the color of the T-shirt. Cut out your favorite shape from the back of the top/t-shirt you selected. Laces are very graceful and princess-like when used carefully. Never overdo the laces as it will give a shabby look. Make sure you go with black or white color as other colors tend to fade away. One can even use them as sleeves by attaching to a sleeveless top. Make sure you use lace with beautiful patterns. After all, it would help if you didn’t waste your time and energy into something that will not be ending up to your expectations.

  1. Patch up your way

The boring plane shirts no matter what are always going to be in trend. You can add patches or stickers on the shirt at pockets or anywhere you want to. However, if you cannot find a good shirt, find it in the closet of your dad or brother. These oversized shirts also make us a good one-piece. Wear one with cool and quirky stickers on it and pair it up with jeggings or stockings. You can add a belt to enhance the entire look. Oversized oval earrings will add to the chic look. 

  1. Denim

Denim is never out of fashion. We have always wished for a denim skirt but could ever find the one that struck our hearts. Even if we do, they are either too costly or not in size. Why fear when you can experiment with the old pair of denim that you no longer wear. There are many DIY videos on ‘Convert jeans into skirts.’ You can doll up the entire look by adding lace or patches. Another stylish way to do is by bleaching the pockets. Give it a rugged look by not sewing the ends. These can be worn with a pair of cute crop tops. You can find them in the fbb store of Big Bazaar and save some bucks using Big Bazaar offers. Black or a pink shade will go well with the denim.

  1. Crop-top

We all have some long tops or t-shirts that are the way to long for us. However, the prints or quotes on them have a special place in our hearts, and we don’t feel like giving upon them. Grab a pair of scissors and cut them according to your favorable length. You can either form fringes on the lower portion or sew it with perfection. To make it more girl, you can add a sheer net with vintage design in the lower end. There are many cute things that you can do to spice up the things.

  1. Gown

The dresses we buy during marriages or celebratory occasions are at the bottom end of receiving the daylight. Girls hate repeating their attire. But, there are a few tweaks that we can make to popularize them again. Sew together the choli and lehenga or combine any skirt with any of your favorite tops. Add some glitter and net to make it work. This will help to convert the traditional attire into an indo-western one.  

  1. Breezy Sundress

Everyone wants to own a pair of breezy dress that looks cool in summers. But, we never find the perfect fit. Instead of spending large bucks on online shopping, find a casual floral cotton skirt. Even fabrics like georgette will do good. You can then try your sewing skills or watch some tutorials to convert them into a lovely sunny day dress or maxi.

  1. Strappy days

Summers means straps; there are always some top that we wish had a sexier back. Why to wait ladies when you can experiment yourself. Take a stretchable top or t-shirt and chop a cute and sexy end out of it. If you don’t find a top, then try experimenting with the sexy back cut out on camisole and later on use some tie and dye techniques on it.


The old clothing items are waiting for us to turn them into something useful. Lot’s of waste is generated in making one piece of fabric. Brands like H&M are trying their best to produce recyclable materials. Even many prominent fashion designers too are researching into the same genre. Hemp is a fabric that even a small brand like Swiss military apparel is inculcating in their clothing range. As responsible adults, we must re-use our clothes or donate them. Tell us more ways to either re-use or recycle your clothes to protect the environment. 


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