Cristiano Ronaldo three hottest Girlfriends

In the game of Football now Cristiano Ronaldo is not just a football player, he is an icon and a brand himself, the Portuguese superstar is considered as one of the most promising talents in the modern-day football, and in his football career he has it all in his cabinet and the superstar has also got a huge fandom of his, and he is recognized as one of the luminaries for this game who has ever played.

In his entire career, the superstar played for most of the big clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and now he is been with Italian giants Juventus and also makes his marks for these teams and also he is the one who has been on the limelight because of his paranormal performances for his respective club and country but in his personal career also he always lead an ostentatious lifestyle and also faced many controversies in his career, and also the superstar has grabbed the limelight for his twitch relationship with the ladies.

 In his career, he has been linked with many famous personalities, and few also slammed him claiming that the superstar has just used them for sex, but the superstar always managed his personal life well with his professional life and in his career, he has dated plenty of beautiful personalities and in this article, we will cover the information about the top three girlfriends of the superstar.

1.Irina Shayk:

The Portuguese Superstar started dating the Russian beauty Irina Shayk in 2010, During a Giorgio  Amrani Photoshoot in 2010 both Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk met each other for the first time and since there the couple fell for each other and their relationship continued for five years and it seemed like she was the ideal one for the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo but just six months after their break up Irina Shayk voiced that during their relationship the Superstar cheated on her and also make her feel ugly and insecure.

 Though at some point in time Cristiano Ronaldo family members were also introduced with her but some rumors are there that Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother was not happy with the relationship and that was the reason Cristiano Ronaldo put an end to their relationship.

Now, the Supermodel Irina Shayak is dating the Hollywood superstar Bradley Cooper.

2.Kim Kardashian:

In his days the superstar was also involved in a love angle with the American Media personality, model, businesswoman and actress Kim Kardashian, in the beginning of her career Kim Kardashian came into limelight as a friend of Paris Hilton and later she is the one who has received the notice for his sex tape with her boyfriend Ray J, also in her career she has appeared in many famous shows and now she is one of the social media influencers, she has millions of followers on her Social media handles. Later Kim Kardashian rubbished off all the claims about their affair, and later she married the popular Rapper Kanye West and now they were blessed with four children.

3.Georgina Rodriguez: 

Georgina Rodriguez is the love of the superstar in the present situation, Georgina Rodriguez belongs from the Northeastern Spanish city of Jaka, and it is situated near French border and it has a total population of 13,000 people, earlier in her career Georgina Rodriguez used to work as a waitress before she moved back to her family in England.

When the superstar was playing for the Spanish side Real Madrid, at that time in one fine day Cristiano Ronaldo visited the Gucci store in Madrid and Georgina used to work for Gucci as a store manager.

The relationship between both of them started very smoothly from there and later both of them were also spotted in 2016 and Cristiano Ronaldo also traveled in a disguise with Georgina in Disneyland as well.

 In 2017 Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez welcomed their first child Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro and also Georgina Rodriguez is looking after other Cristiano Ronaldo children’s ( Cristiano Ronaldo Junior and Eva and Mateo Mario).

Now the superstar is in Italy playing with the Serie A giants Juventus, along with him his long time girlfriend Georgina is also staying with him in Turin.


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