Chime ATM Withdrawal Limit

Chriss Britt and Ryan King founded the Chime mobile bank that came up in 2013. It is known for its unmatchable banking services. 

Chime is a one-stop solution to all your day-to-day financial needs. It also has commendable ATM services.

Out of all the fantastic services by Chime, we will discuss the Chime ATM and Chime ATM Withdrawal Limit. Read the full blog to know all about the Chime ATM Withdrawal limit.

All about Chime ATMs

Chime has an extensive ATM Network. It is well known for its fee-free ATMs. Let us learn more about Chime ATMs.


Chime has thousands of ATMs within the nation. The Chime users have free access to all these ATMs.Also, it is effortless to locate these ATMs. With the Chime mobile app, you are always in touch with these locations and can find them anytime. 

You can make both deposits and withdrawals through the Chime ATMs. Here is a complete guide to the Chime Deposits and Withdrawals.

ATM Deposits

You cannot directly deposit through the Chime ATM. However, some specific retailers or merchants have the option available. You can make a maximum of three deposits every 24 hours. The limit is $3000 per day and $10,000 per month. 

ATM Withdrawals

You can only make chime ATM Withdrawals through Chime Spending Account. Chime users can make six transfers from the saving account to the spending account. Chime Move Money service helps you to do it.


Chime ATMs can be easily located. The Chime ATM locator helps you find the nearest ATM whenever you require. Thus, you can instantly find the ATM nearby and complete your transactions immediately. The Chime app enables you to locate the nearest ATM by showing a map on the screen’s side.

Third-Party Transfer

Chime also allows you to make third-party transfers. However, these transfers are not fee-free. The Chime third-party transactions have a fee of $2.50. 

The charges may differ depending upon the choice of the merchant. You can get a list of these merchants from the Chime mobile app.

Chime ATM Withdrawal Limit

Since Chime has set certain ATM Withdrawal limits; thus, it is essential to know about it. 

Here is a list of limits set by the Chime mobile bank.

Chime ATM Limits

The Chime ATM Withdrawal limit is $500. All these withdrawals are fee-free within the VPN and MoneyPass Networks. However, a fee is charged outside the Chime network. The cost depends upon the terms of the retailer.

Third-Party Transfer Limits

Third-Party Transfer has a limit of $1000 per day and $10,000 per month.

Change Chime ATM Withdrawal Limits

Chime users cannot change the limit set by the Chime mobile bank. The Chime bank automatically adjusts these limits depending upon the period and the account history of the user. However, the limits cannot be adjusted manually. 

Hence, you are permanently restricted to make Chime ATM Withdrawals.

Wrapping Up

The Chime online bank provides the best financial services. You can get a solution to all your present-day financial needs with Chime. Chime ATM services also provide instant results. You can quickly locate the nearest ATM and complete your transactions as soon as possible. However, you have to keep in mind the limits and work accordingly. This will make you attain the most convenient results. But the Chime ATM Withdrawal limit is usually enough to meet your daily payments.

Hence, you can efficiently perform all your transactions through Chime. It has now become a choice of billions and is one of the most trusted brands that can be easily relied upon.