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Flavoursome cakes from vanilla to kit kat

Sweetness is a must in life, be it amongst people, be it your food craving or the sweetness in your relationships, it’s all about the sugar in life. And when you aim to mix some sugar in your life, you have to do it right. Sweets are long lost, the new trending sweet dish is… Read More »

Get to know about top 13 effective uses of witch hazel

Many of you may know about this magical product, but if you don’t know, then you are at the right place because we are going to share some practical uses of witch hazel. It’s a common natural product available at every drugstore known as one of the useful first aid tools. It is produced from… Read More »

Dr. E.C Fulcher JR Shares Core Responsibilities of a Senior Pastor

“With a big position comes big responsibility”, this fact is true in cases of Senior pastors. Churches have different styles of ministry that determine the role and responsibility attached to the senior pastor. But there are numerous factors that determine it, like the location, talent, and personality. Moreover, churches do grow or diminish in size,… Read More »