Breathing Techniques for Vocalists

Singing requires you to have stamina. It demands you to concentrate on your breathing and even regulate it at times. Every singer treats their throat like temple and do not wish to strain their voice. Therefore, breathing exercises are very important for singers and vocalists. 

Here are some breathing exercises which you will probably learn in your vocal lessons.

  1. Use your diaphragm to sing 

It is vital that you use proper breathing technique when you are singing. Normally we are used to breathe from our chests while doing other activities, but when you are singing you should try to breathe from your diaphragm as it gives more power to your voice and helps you control your tone. It helps you to avoid straining your voice and improves your posture. 

To sing from your diaphragm expand your chest and contract your diaphragm while inhaling, and contract your chest and relax your diaphragm while exhaling. When you use this breathing technique then the vibrations which are responsible for production of sound are caused by air being pushed out of your lungs. This is what gives power to your voice. 

  1. Exhale on a hiss

This exercise is great for warming up your voice before singing. It forces to sing from their diaphragm and also helps to regulate their breath. 

To practice this technique properly you need to stand up straight and relax your body, this will inevitably relax your diaphragm. Breathe in through the mouth and count up to five, in a way that it expands your belly and not your chest. When you exhale try and make a hissing sound, and count up to nine whilst exhaling. This should push out all the air out of your lungs. This exercise increases your lung capacity and is a great warmup. If you are taking vocal lessons then after a few sessions your teacher will change the duration of exhaling and inhaling according to your progress.

These breathing exercises can go a long for many vocalists and singers. It increases your lung capacity and gives power to your voice. Singers have to sing at a very high pitch sometimes and many singers often deteriorate their voice due to lack of proper breathing and warm up exercises. This is why professional singers not only have a proper warmup routing but even have a diet chart which they follow before any event, like avoiding cold beverages etc, so that their voice is intact. 

These breathing exercises makes sure that you do not strain vocal cords and they are in good shape. So, if you wish to be a singing sensation then you need to take care of your throat and practicing these exercises is a step one. To have professional training and to know what exercise suits you the best you should sign up for proper vocal lessons as they guide you through these exercises in the lessons and luckily Toronto has a wide range of vocal teachers and lessons so it wouldn’t be difficult to find good vocal lessons. 


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