Best Ways to Make Money Online in the US in 2020

American Making money online in the US is a source of part-time income for many Pakistanis. The threshold for starting a company is too high and the risk is high, and the pressure to work freely is not free. In fact, in the United States with the most developed global network, there are many websites that can help you make money through various channels!

Running errands on TaskRabbit, selling second-hand clothing on ThredUp, doing research on Swagbucks, and posting original videos on Youtube… These are all good ways to make money online. The American online money series will give you a summary, recommend ratings, and tell you specific A step of. Due to the length of this article, this series is divided into upper, middle and lower parts. This article is the upper part. It will update the latest ways to make money. For more ways to make money, please check the middle and lower parts of the 68 ways to make money online in the United States .

The latest update channel in June:

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  • 75 Ways to Make Money Online in the US in 2020 (Part One)

Make money online sales – dropshipping

Recommended rating: ★★★★★

With dropshipping, you only need to help sell other people’s goods, you can earn more or less profits, and you are not responsible for commodity logistics. This is like a blog or an intermediary. First, you can create a shopify store. ( Free store shop tutorial here >> )

The most reliable way to make money online is Swagbucks.

After a period of personal experience, I have actually picked up some wool from this website, and it does not take much effort, so I will share the experience with you And connected with Oberlo , Oberlo is an integrated consumer program that many people use to obtain information about products sold in various stores.

The basic principle of dropshipping is: you create a store or link to allow people to buy from you, and once they buy something you recommend, you pay the manufacturer, usually the payment will be much lower than the pricing (similar to wholesale price). Then let the manufacturer ship directly to the consumer, you don’t even need to see or touch the product.

The best thing about dropshipping is that after you price the goods you want to sell, you only need to give the wholesale price to the supplier, and the rest is your profit. If you are interested in dropshipping, there are a lot of free teaching videos on youtube.

The most reliable money-making app- Swagbucks

Recommended rating: ★★★★★

There are many apps that can make money in the United States . After a period of personal experience, Xiaobian has indeed found a lot of wool from this website (must have thousands of Amazon gift cards), and it does not take much effort, so hurry to follow everyone Share experience:

Youtube posted original videos with Chinese monthly income of tens of thousands!

Recommended rating: ★★★★★

YouTube supports inserting advertisements into user videos, and then divides the advertising costs among users, as long as they are original, non-infringing videos, pay per click. For example, at present, there is a very popular vibrato video in China. If you send a lot of original content to Youtube, you can make money. For conditions and specific steps , please click to view >>>

In addition, the editor has collected and sorted out many real cases of making money through Youtube, you can click here to view.

12 ways to make money with Amazon

Recommended rating: ★★★★

Didn’t expect? The Amazon website is not only a place to spend money, but also a good place to make money. In addition to selling things on it, there are 11 other ways to make money for you to choose. For this reason, Amazon has made a special page, including the promotion of Amazon products, Write e-books, etc., interested friends can see it first: Make money with Amazon Among them, we most recommend three ways to make money on Amazon:

The first type is Amazon Mechanical Turk . This is a bit like Fiverr or upworks mentioned later to make money. It is a difficult work project that is outsourced to a computer program for execution, such as speech compilation recognition, translating audio and video in different languages, testing, reviewing web pages, and so on. Depending on the project being executed, you can earn 20 to 30 dollars per hour, which is one of the legal ways to make money.

The second method is to publish your own e-book on Amazon Kindle, which is to convert your ideas or articles already written into e-books for profit. You can write your own book, or you can hire someone to write for you, and you can also see a lot of free teaching videos on Youtube, which you can easily perform at home.

The third is Amazon’s affiliate marketing plan ( Associates ), which is a simple and widely accepted passive income. All you need is to register for free and log in to an Amazon partner, and then there are tens of millions of products sold online for you to promote. Amazon will give you a dedicated link. Every time someone buys a product through your link, Amazon will give Your commission varies from 5% to 10%, and will be settled for you via gift card or bank account transfer within 60 days after the transaction is completed.

Fiverr, a website that uses skills to make extra money

Recommended rating: ★★★★

Fiverr is similar to the domestic pig bajie . In fact, it is a work outsourcing platform. Whether you are a freelancer or want to do a side job, you can set up your job tasks on that website, and the service is varied. A Chinese netizen shared his experience of making money on fiverr, and what he did was actually using fortune-telling software to help foreigners fortune-telling… 

Six types of part-time recommendation on Fiverr easily earn more than $15 per hour >>>

2 4-75 ways to make money online in the US in 2020 (on), Chinese people earn $100,000+ per month

Watch virtual currency teaching video- coinbase

Recommended rating: ★★★

Coinbase is one of the world’s largest virtual currency trading websites, specializing in various virtual currency transactions like Bitcoin, and the annual transaction volume is very large. In the Earn section of the website , teaching videos of various virtual currencies will be provided. As long as you watch this video and answer a simple test, you can earn a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Resell copyright-free eBooks- Resell rights weekly

Recommended rating: ★★

Resell rights weekly is a website that provides copyright-free, free-to-use products. This website looks very old, but very practical. It is claimed that there are more than 700 free downloadable products, including a large number of e-books. After registering as a free member, you can download free and copyright-free e-books in the “Free Member Downloads” area, and then go to Amazon, Ebay and other platforms for free pricing and sale, which is equivalent to zero cost. Of course, you can also choose paid pro members, and may enjoy more copyright-free resources.

Search engine evaluation -make money with Google search

Recommended rating: ★★★

If companies like Google want to optimize the results of search engines, they must constantly let the algorithms in the search engines learn. He will give you a list of the tables he wants to be searched. You need to search according to the list he wants to be searched to see if the content is not related to the results you enjoy, or that he came out The quality of the content in the top rankings is good enough, and the salary can give you about 12-15 US dollars per hour. Use Google to search for a part-time job at home to earn $1200>>>

Earn Money Online In Pakistan

Help people test website or APP to make money

Recommended rating: ★★★

When searching for online jobs in the US, you may have encountered the term “user testing”, which includes trying new apps or websites and giving your opinion on them. So, if you are a computer expert and like to give your opinion to make the website run better, you are suitable for this job. 

Help others go shopping in the supermarket  $15~$25/hour

Recommended rating: ★★★★

This is an emerging part-time approach in the United States. As long as you use your leisure time to help people nearby to shop at the supermarket and deliver it to your door, you can get a remuneration of up to $22/hr. The form is similar to Uber, which is very suitable for shopping in the supermarket. Friends make money part-time. 

Another freelancers make money platform –

Recommended rating: ★★★★

Upwork is a website for freelance workers. Making money in upworks is an active income. Whether it is an individual or an enterprise, it will publish some services that need to be outsourced on this website, such as article writing, movie editing, APP development, etc., There are a variety of outsourcing jobs on this site, and even better, the threshold for using this service is very low. As long as you have a certain expertise, if you happen to be able to visually design urban design or other professional specialties, you can make money on upwork.

There is also a small trick for your reference. It is best to create a personal profile that looks great, which will allow you to increase the customer’s favor with you during the contact process, show your work experience and special deeds, can Show that you are better than others.


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