An Effective Guide to Create a Good Argumentative Essay Outline

Writing an argumentative essay requires a careful investigation of the topic and a collection of some arguments along with proper evidence. Thus, while writing these essays, students need to perform empirical research and collect data through interviews, experiments, observations, and so on.

If you want to develop a well-structured argumentative essay, then it is essential to first create an argumentative essay outline. This will help you in collecting all your ideas and thoughts together in one place and you will be able to focus upon what is important to you.

Basic Structure of Argumentative Essay Outline:

An argumentative essay outline helps in figuring out your entire writing procedure and it is worth your time. Here are four basic sections that you must follow while developing an argumentative essay:

  • Introduction
  • Body (Work on the arguments)
  • Look for the claims made by the opponent
  • Conclusion

One important thing to keep in mind while writing an argumentative essay outline is that here you must present both arguments as well as counterarguments. Presenting your viewpoint as well as the opponent’s viewpoint is important because it will show that the writer is objective in terms of judgment. Moreover, he has respect for all existing arguments.

Here detailed information has been provided on how to write an argumentative essay outline.

  1. Introduction

Like all other essay types, an argumentative essay also starts with an introduction.

  • Hook: Start your essay with an eye-catching hook that will grab the attention of your target audience. So, first, know your target audience and their approaches then accordingly write.
  • Background Information: Discuss the background information about the topic in short. Just explain why the topic seems significant in this context.
  • Thesis Statement: In the thesis statement, you just need to state the central idea of the essay clearly. Never question anything here; it must contain only the main argument of the essay.
  • Work on your Arguments

In the body paragraphs, you must include claims and their corresponding evidence. Claims should be the statement that supports the thesis of the argumentative essay. Further, whatever claims you will make, it should support the evidence based on credible facts and statistics. The evidence will find out by the writer during the research process.

  • Refuse Opposing Arguments Made by the Opponents

Keep in mind that different people have different opinions regarding the same topic. So, patiently wait and understand the viewpoints of different people. Remember that for every argument, you must also present its counter-arguments, if present, and support it with relevant facts and evidence. You must present the arguments that are against it in such a way that your arguments prove right.

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  • Conclusion

In the conclusion of the argumentative essay outline, you must remind the readers of the focus of your topic. The readers might lose the focus by going through different arguments and counter-arguments. Also, make it clear that your argument is a winning one. Additionally, you also need to write about the significance of the researched topic. This will make your statement look persuasive enough. In doing so, you can also use loud arguments.

That’s all you need to do for writing an excellent argumentative essay outline. But if you get stuck anywhere in the middle while writing an argumentative essay, then ask for professional support. They will solve all your academic-related issues with proper solutions.

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