Amazon Alternatives? Why You Should Shop Local This Christmas

Christmas shopping is a yearly ritual that many of us face. And often people turn to the online giants such as Amazon and eBay to do much of their online shopping. With the coronavirus having wreaked havoc on the global economy there are even more reasons to shop local this Christmas.

In this article we’ll look at how you can find local alternatives to Amazon and avoid giving all your money to the billion dollar shopping platforms.

Why shop local?

Wherever you are in the world, there are very likely some talented and passionate people creating quality goods. Coronavirus has also damaged retail business for most, with footfall down dramatically.

And with lockdowns affecting many more businesses in the run up to Christmas shopping, now is a good time to start shopping locally. Amazon alternatives are often easy to find, although don’t expect to get everything on one platform like on Amazon or eBay. This is a good thing though… You get to share your finances around and keep multiple smaller businesses going.

Even if you use a national supplier instead of Amazon, this cuts out that middle man (Amazon). For example World Of Books are one of the biggest UK book shops online, making many of their sales via Amazon. But, you can go direct to them and not need to pay shipping as you would at Jeff Bezos’s shop.

So by ensuring you spend your money with small independents you’re helping to sustain your local economy and help out the little guy. After all, Jeff Bezos is already a billionaire…

How to find Amazon Alternatives

When it comes to the most common gifts at Christmas, people often look for:

  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Toys for children
  • Clothing
  • Food and chocolates
  • Alcohol such as champagne or spirits
  • Books
  • Games consoles and computer games
  • Sports equipment like bicycles, skateboards or scooters

Yes, you will find all of these on Amazon or other major shopping platforms. But to support the independent businesses in your area, you just need to do some simple searching.

  1. Search for gift ideas + your local area. It might be in your city or region, but there is almost always a local independent retailer as an Amazon alternative.
  2. Think of brands you might have seen previously, such as at farmers markets or other events in previous years.
  3. Ask people you know for local shopping recommendations. They will most likely have bought a local brand of food and drink that they rave about, or know of a good local clothing brand or toy shop.

Sustainable Christmas shopping

With the environment in the eye more than ever, people are increasingly looking for sustainable ways to shop. Using an Amazon alternative is a great way to do this. Why?

Amazon tends to rely heavily on mass produced products sourced from places like China. Many of these products are low quality and not built to last, and often have a negative effect on the environment through production.

Locally sourced products are often more eco-friendly and sustainable with a much smaller carbon footprint.

One more note is at Christmas many people go mad with their shopping, buying unnecessary items to people. This year, make your Christmas shopping count and just buy quality items for the people you love. Less is most definitely more and it will help minimise your impact on the environment.

So there you have it. Lots of reasons to shop locally and look for Amazon alternatives instead of doing all your shopping with one huge platform.


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