Erectile dysfunction is a sexual condition that has been occurring in men since ancient times but a lot of stigmas were attached to it in the past. As this condition makes a man unable to have erections or makes his erections weaker, it was usually seen as s question on a man’s manliness.

But the development made by medical science in understanding the causes of this condition along with offering various treatments has been successful in spreading awareness about it. 

Even so, there are many people who have multiple doubts regarding this condition. Thus we present you with this concise and clear article that will answer all your major questions about erectile dysfunction.

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Occur in Men and How to identify it early?

There are many different causes of erectile dysfunction, some of them are physical, and some of them are caused by certain lifestyle choices while some of them are psychological. Only 5-7 % of cases of erectile dysfunction are psychological, and lifestyle choices are among the leading causes of this condition.

The Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

Most of the cases of erectile dysfunction are caused due to the physical causes of which may be due to nervous system damage, conditions that cause the shrinking of the veins and arteries, poor blood circulation, diseases such as diabetes, and many other.

Erectile dysfunction is only diagnosed if a man has been continuously having trouble with his erections for at least 3 months as occasionally almost all men have trouble getting erections.

If you have any heart conditions, diabetes, prostate cancer, or poor blood circulation in your body due to blockage in your veins and arteries or damage to your blood vessels in any way, and have symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction then you can go and visit your doctor for your check-up. 

The tricky thing about erectile dysfunction caused due to physical diseases manifests itself in the body as a symptom of these conditions, so you may be able to identify these conditions quickly if you start suffering from erectile dysfunction. 

Once the physical causes of this condition are identified, treatments are offered to men accordingly. Primarily, oral medications such as Cenforce which contain the PDE5 inhibiting drugs such as Sildenafil are prescribed as a preliminary treatment and many men prefer oral treatments over other types of erectile dysfunction treatment.

This condition can also be caused due to the lack of an adequate amount of testosterone, which is treated by testosterone injections. 

Apart from these, there are penile pumps and even surgical implants that are offered for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The treatment offered to the men who suffer from erectile dysfunction directly depends on the causes of the condition.

Lifestyle Choices that lead to erectile dysfunction:

There are certain lifestyle choices that men make which over time has a severe impact on their sexual health and may result in many other sexual dysfunctions apart from erectile dysfunction.

Smoking and excessive alcoholism are among the leading causes of erectile dysfunction and these causes have made erectile dysfunction in the younger men. 

Apart from smoking and excessive drinking, a sedentary lifestyle with no physical movement and obesity can also cause erectile dysfunction. It has been observed that men who make changes to their lifestyle coupled with proper medical treatment of erectile dysfunction such as Vidalista are able to reverse the condition of erectile dysfunction is caused due to these habits. 

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunctions & its available Treatments:

There are many psychological causes of erectile dysfunction such as depression, low self-esteem, performance anxiety, and sexual abuse in the past, and many other similar problems. Usually, such cases of this condition are reversible if the root cause of the treatment is treated from the root. Your doctor may prescribe counselling and therapies also may even prescribe medical pills if he or she deems fit.

There are also many misconceptions about erectile dysfunction and many people believe that it only occurs in older men, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, many older men suffer from this condition as they tend to also suffer from conditions such as diabetes which is among the leading causes of this condition.

Having this condition can seem overwhelming at first, but making yourself aware of the causes, treatments, as well as prevention of this condition, will allow you to enjoy and long and fulfilling sexual life.

Please no that this condition does not affect your manliness in any way and with proper treatment and certain precautions, you can easily enjoy a normal life and a satisfactory sexual life. 

Proper communication with your partner and solving relationship conflict will also help you in dealing with this condition with better. 

Regular exercise, proper blood circulation, and a good diet will help you in preventing this condition if you don’t have it, and even in improving the condition if you are already suffering from this condition. 


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