5 Ways to Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy

While some companies have already reduced their marketing activities due to the corona pandemic, others have chosen to halt it altogether. However, instead of pausing their marketing efforts, companies must look to adapt their digital marketing strategies to bounce right back into the market and engage more customers. Here, discover 5 ways in which businesses in Singapore can adapt their digital marketing strategy to remain productive amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis. 

1. Pay Attention to the Changes in Customer Behavior & Sentiments

Irrespective of the nature and area of operation of your business, it is important to pay heed to client behavior and sentiments. Based on what your clients’ demand, you should look at rolling out measures and display notices on the homepage of your website. This will help you to amplify customer trust and gain their loyalty since they would know that their concerns and needs are being taken into consideration.  

2. Look at Ways to Provide Value To Customers

Now that sales and other marketing efforts have slowed down, you must focus on identifying different ways in which you can provide value to customers. Thus, if your sales are down, then focus on increased engagement. Also, look for opportunities to create relevant and useful content for your customers. This will create a positive impact on your customers and they will be willing to purchase once the lockdown period is over. 

3. Test Multiple Platforms to Engage Customers

The pandemic has forced almost everyone to remain locked i

nside their houses. This has resulted in increased online activity and internet surfing. Therefore, now is the perfect time to test multiple platforms to engage more and more customers. Businesses can turn to social media marketing companies and use their services for engaging target users on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. In fact, social media optimization is an effective tool for brand advertising and marketing. Thus, business owners can use social media platforms to run contests, online events, webinars as well as to offer discounts to their target customers. 

4.Manage Paid Advertising

In case your business is still making some amount of sales, then it is only ideal that look at managing the paid advertising. With many companies reducing their PPC spend amidst the pandemic, it is an excellent opportunity for small or upcoming brands to increase their impressions as well as conversions in the areas that are usually highly competitive. 

5. Measure Using Analytics Tools

This is just the right time to identify and define your company’s KPI or key performance indicators. You must emphasize on understanding what is really working for you as well as your business during these vulnerable times. This will help you to invest wisely. Also, keep a track of your analytics to understand how your brand is performing in the marketplace. Measure the online advertising campaigns across different platforms to determine where exactly you need to put the money for increasing sales. 

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