3 Golden Ways to Spy on an Android Phone

People want to know a simple way to spy on android phones but get tired in complicated ways. Now, it’s time to relax as we have come with the detail of 3 golden ways to spy on an android mobile phone. But first, we should know that is it illegal or not, and what are the possible reasons to spy on someone’s phones. 

Spying on someone’s phone is illegal in many countries, but few countries allow phone tracking for a few matters, including kid’s monitoring, employee monitoring, etc. 

We can say that kid’s monitoring and employee monitoring is legal because it shows a positive concern regarding parents and business security. Some partners want to keep an eye on their spouses, but it is illegal, and people shouldn’t fall for such type of monitoring.  

Kid’s monitoring:

How do parents get to know what the kids are doing?

Because with the hectic work routine, parents can’t stick with their loved ones. With the help of the android monitoring app, kid’s tracking has become possible and is only one click away. It safeguards their children from inappropriate visual content, molesting, cyberbullying, etc. 

Employee monitoring:

Employee monitoring is a crucial piece to run an organization. Keeping an eye on employees measure their performance rate and productivity which helps to make an annual report. Android monitoring apps enable the management to explore suspicious activity and protect the private data of the company. 

With in-depth knowledge, we have found three android phone tracker apps for a reliable solution. To find out the suitable provider, you must know about the user-experience, reliable solution, customer support etc. 


Never rely on complicated techniques to monitor the target device. User-experience must be easy-to-understand and follow a simple method to avoid the technical details. 

Secure Environment:

People want reliable solutions to spy on the target user device. It helps to provide the loved ones with a secure environment from cyber threats. 

Customer Support:

Everyone prefers the customer support service because it helps a lot to understand the updates. People also want a direct way to get help from the providers, which makes them feel satisfied with the provider services. If a representative immediately responds, then it builds a powerful connection between clients and provider, increase the customer engagement.

Let’s discuss how to track the devices with three best android tracking apps. 


FlexiSPY is one of the best android monitoring apps, provides groundbreaking features. What are the features? Let’s find out:

  • Hack contacts, 
  • Remote camera capture, 
  • Microphone surroundings

With a wide range of features, you can get access to the target device in an easy-to-understand way.


Free trial

$99-199$/3 Months 


Being a powerful spy app, TheWiSpy delivers innovative features, monitoring every activity of the android devices. An android compatible app enables the parents to capture the data. Track the location of the target user, avail the contact list, etc. with a flexible management spy app for android. Follow three steps:

  1. Purchase TheWiSpy app
  2. Install an app to access the android device  
  3. Monitor the activities remotely 


Basic: $29.99/ month

Standard: $39.99 / month

Pro: $49.99/ month


An android compatible solution monitors the target device user activities in real-time. Spyzie, a hidden spy app designed to control everything running on the device with affordable features and useful for both parental control and employee monitoring.

Premium Edition: $29.99/month license

         $39.99/3-month license 

         $89.99/a year license 

Roll on your sleeve and pick an app that is suitable for your requirements and fit with your budget plan!


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