10 Successful Digital Marketing Hacks to Boost Your Leads

According to a study by RocketFuel, most websites see a bounce rate which ranges between 26 to 70 per cent. A bounce rate, in simple words, denotes the percentage of visitors that leave your website after viewing a page on your website. 

Each visitor abandonment is an opportunity lost!

This may leave you pondering over the following set of questions:

  • What can be done to improve the entire user buying experience?
  • Which channels will attract high-quality leads?
  • What are some online marketing hacks which will provide the best return on investment (ROI)?

Irrespective of the size of your business, knowing the answer to the above questions will help you implement a digital marketing strategy which will yield positive results. 

To help you in the process of finding answers to your questions, we’ve prepared a list of the top 10 digital marketing hacks you can incorporate to grow your business. 

10 Effective online marketing hacks 

1. Create in-depth content 

Relevant and in-depth content is always loved by visitors and Google alike. Offer the right advice and customers are bound to return to your website. 

A way to create the right content is either by hiring someone full-time, or working with freelance writers to produce quality content. 

2. Offer the right hook 

A marketing hook is something which supports your product and lures customers into checking it out. 

As a hook, you can offer free e-books, guides, or templates in return for information such as name, or e-mail address which can be used later for the creation of an email marketing strategy.  

3. Nurture with the right email strategy

Email marketing offers the highest return on investment when it comes to small businesses. A well-crafted email with an engaging message can help expand your customer base. 

For example, you can run an email campaign to offer discount coupons to customers who left your website with a product in the shopping cart. 

4. Advertise on social media

Consider promoting your product on social media. For starters you can pick up Facebook for advertising, and narrow down your target audience based on geography, sex, and preferences. 

Run a promotional campaign for around a week to see the type of response you are getting, and then consider tweaking it accordingly. 

In the same way, you can run ads on other platforms to gauge the feedback and augment your digital marketing strategy. 

5. Make use of video content

Video has grown to become the driving force of digital marketing efforts. It offers an interesting way to engage the audience and boost customer retention.

With the availability of platforms such as Invideo, Animoto and Powtoon, you can create professional-looking videos in minutes. 

6. Become data-driven

For digital marketing agency or digital marketers, being data-driven is a necessity. There are tools such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Heap Analytics to help you understand the current data and source attribution to make sure you can optimise your strategy and earn the highest possible ROI. 

7. Consider local listings

Don’t miss out on the customers in your area. You can use local service ads to connect with people as they search on Google about services you can offer. This is another way to improve local visibility and attract customers by presenting yourself whenever local customers need you. 

8. Don’t ignore SEO

Solely depending on writing content and waiting for your audience to see it won’t be a good idea. Your website needs to rank well on a search engine, so that customers can see what you’re offering. 

The right content, along with proper SEO tactics can help your business be found easily whenever people search for keywords you target. 

9. Stay updated on the latest updates

Another crucial digital marketing hack is to stay informed about any new update and marketing trends; for example, the rollout of a new Feature on Facebook or a new privacy policy by WhatsApp. Each update may affect how you conduct your business online and the resultant revenues. 

To stay informed, you can use a news aggregator app such as Feedly, and add websites such as Kissmetrics, Marketing Land, SEJ Journal, Mozzarellas, and Social Media Examiner to it. Now you can browse and read through all relevant information which impacts your business. 

10. Always test for progress

Congratulations! You’ve now spent your time on deploying different digital marketing hacks to attract customers. 

But the work is still in progress, as you need to test and see whether the desired results are visible or not. 

Sometimes changing something small, such as a copy, or a headline can result in considerably favourable results. The important thing is to test and learn. 

In your quest to create a fail-proof digital marketing strategy, we are there to help. Amura, as a leading digital marketing company in Mumbai, we work with you to understand your business requirements and craft the ultimate guide to growth and success.